Amigos del Mundo school uniforms for 31 kids

Amigos del Mundo Wine Gift Bags

Amigos del Mundo GuatemalaAmigos del Mundo Guatemala

Amigos del Mundo (Antigua Guatemala) Gift Bags, a small charitable enterprise in aid of needy Guatemalan children and weave craft women, was born in Antigua Guatemala.

This charitable organization has three principle goals:
One, providing aid to school-aged pueblo children near Antigua Guatemala;
Two, generating income for weave craft families in a western highland town;
And three, creating an authentic Guatemalan motif gift bag you can give to your hosts, bringing wine and sharing generosity and goodwill with your friends back home.
Recently Yolkobsens were able to see first-hand this generosity and goodwill come full circle.  Amigos del Mundo (Antigua Guatemala) founders invited us to a Pastores Guatemala barrio to celebrate what the proceeds of bag sales had accomplished:  school uniforms for 31 kids.  In Guatemala you can’t go to school if you don’t have a regulation uniform. No exceptions. Last year proceeds from bag sales bought shoes for the most disadvantaged kids in the community.
Here’s what we saw during our visit:  happy children.  The girls were dressed in kilt-style navy checked skirts or pinafores with knee socks.   The boys were rocking navy pants and white shirts.  All had their navy sweaters.  Smiles and thumbs up all around.  The extraordinarily beautiful Guatemala highlands provided the background.
What struck me the most was the generosity of the families whose children were now attending school, advantaged by the uniforms.  Founders, Linda and Marion, received so many genuine and heart-felt hugs from the kids and their mothers that it was hard to determine who felt most blessed.
Amigos del Mundo (Antigua Guatemala) Gift Bags are designed as a tote for the wine and other gifts we bring when invited to our friends’ homes. The bags distinguish themselves on a number of counts:  they’re loomed by hand in an authentic weave craft pueblo and come with a cloth-bound signing booklet and an online system that lets you track where your bag winds up as it’s regifted around the world.
To get your gift bags and a chance to help Guatemala children and provide income to weave craft women and their families, check out the Amigos del Mundo (Antigua Guatemala) site.

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