Is the Santa Goodwill Tour coming to Guatemala ?

Santa Goodwill Tours coming to Guatemala

Guatemala travel review met yesterday with Eric Oborski the President of InContra, Inc. a Travel company based out of Lima, Peru. The focus of the conversation was to discuss having Guatemala Travel Review support the idea of bringing the Santa Goodwill Tours to Guatemala and Antigua in December of this year.

The idea of the Santa Goodwill Tours is to offer travelers a packaged tour in which each traveler comes dressed as a Santa Claus. The Santa’s visits hospitals, villages and those in need of Christmas cheer. This is a good will tour of the best kind.

Guatemala Travel Review has agreed to lend support to this worth while cause and you will see more news and updates about this tour from InContra, Inc over the next weeks and months.

This years Guatemala Santa Goodwill Tour will be announced in a few weeks on InContra, Inc web site at You can also go to the web site and see a video history of the Santa Goodwill Tours of past years.

Santa Goodwill Tours has been successfully sending people from all over the US and Canada to international destinations since 1985! 2010 is the 25th Anniversary of these special travel events!

Since 1985 civic organization members, (mainly TelecomPioneers– the earliest travelers on these goodwill trips) and other adventurous people from all over have been traveling internationally, visiting almost every continent!  They stay in superb accommodations, have the cities’ best guides, enjoy fabulous sights and share memorable experiences with delightful passengers–many of which eventually become lifelong friends. During their time abroad they make a goodwill visit to a home for the blind, aged, orphanage or a hospital–and the party begins!  Wearing festive colorful “Santa” costumes, (included in the tour cost) travelers spend time with locals in need, making for a very special experience.


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