Georges Travel Club of Guatemala

Guatemala Travel Review had the opportunity to talk with the real George of Georges Travel Club of Guatemala by e-mail. George is in Ecuador planning another season of Fire in the Sky Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano as the story goes.

George is not your average tour operator, many exist in Guatemala and Antigua in particular. Four years ago George packed his bags and bid farewell to NYC and a successful 20 year business career. After a relatively short flight, he arrived in Guatemala where George happily united with several close friends that had just moved to Guatemala. Today Antigua, Guatemala is Georges home and he has never looked back.

What George told Guatemala Travel Review, “he is planning some very interesting Tours for all of 2012″. The most interesting for us is George has planned an incredible Mayan 2012 package. More will come about the Mayan 2012 in future updates.

Now George has worked hard building a First Class Tour Business from the companies Antigua Guatemala base. George is always keeping pace and has now embraced the the on-line Blogging world. George came crying and screaming into the cyber space world and his use of social media with great results.

George told Guatemala Travel Review  “I am now officially a blogger!” “If blogging is anything like my recent Facebook experience, I will soon feel like I have a second job. Facebook, however, also makes me feel a little bit like a 12-year old girl, so I am hoping that blogging will at least be a bit more manly! LOL”!

That said, for those of you interested enough to read my blog at, I will do my best to give a real and informative report on my life here in the beautiful and quirky country of Guatemala. One thing you can count on – it won’t be boring!

The time is now – so why not join Guatemala Travel Review and support and explore the beautiful and enchanting country of Guatemala at Georges Travel Club of Guatemala, George insures fun!

Thanks George to find out more about this years schedule of tours, events and excitement like Fire in the Sky Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano go to Georges web site at:


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