Antigua Guatemala Weather Colder

The last week of January has again seen Antigua Guatemala Weather reach below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The days have remained pleasant in Antigua  consistently in the low to mid 70 degree range and mostly sunny.

Sunday saw Antigua blanketed in dark clouds that looked like rain which never materialized.

Lake Atitlan has been reported to be windy on the lake with a few rain showers over the weekend. Temperatures remain warm with sunny breezy days.

Monterrico Guatemala Weather remains as always in the high 80 degree ranges with as always sunny and clear skies. The weather in Monterrico is pleasant and has offered the sports fishing charters out of all major harbors great fishing conditions.

Guatemala Travel Review will be heading to Monterrico for a few days of warmer weather then Antigua and will be exploring a number of locations along the Guatemala cost line. The planned trip will start in Antigua head to Monterrico and north along the coast line to Port of San Jose Guatemala.

We expect great weather for this trip along the Pacific Coast of Guatemala. Guatemala Travel Review plans to stop and interview as many business owners along this route to expand the travel information available for travelers about Monterrico. Monterrico is only a small part of the The Beaches and the Great Sports Fishing that is part of this region and an important part of the overall Guatemalan Tourism Industry.


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