The use of Social Media for Antigua Guatemala

The use of social Media for travel covering Antigua Guatemala

The use of Social Media for travel covering Antigua Guatemala works if you use it right.

Many sites covering Travel and related categories in Antigua do not use this marketing method correctly. If they did use the web and Social Media correctly they might find the success of landing their business web site on the first page of all the search engines.

An important fact considering that 85% of the world travelers find and make buying decisions on line.

Some business owners think that when they search Google and find their business on the first page of Google think that is where it is.  Not true, Google has changed.

A few weeks ago we did a review of La Cocina de Marina Antigua Guatemala tradition I say. A very small restaurant of the  7a Avenida Sur #6, Antigua Guatemala.

The food is great, and there will be more about that later, but first Yokobsen’s want to tell you about the restaurant‘s life force, Marina herself. She must be all of 4 ft. 10 inches and she’s a jolt of energy and warm greeting as soon as you walk into her eatery, located just about five minutes northwest of Antigua Guatemala’s Parque Central.

The small restaurant specializes in fresh seafood and what’s available that day depends on what Marina has decided to cook.  There’s usually about six choices on offer and Marina rhymes them off at lightening speed. Paella is one of her specialties.  Once you’ve placed your order, Marina goes to the back of the restaurant where you can watch her cook and talk to her the way you would if you were sitting in an old friend’s kitchen.

Back to our point about using Social Media to drive traffic. Guatemala Travel Review and I-Travel Review which are part of our series of web sites and Social Media connections developed a story about La Cocina de Marina Seafood Restaurant. We went to eat, asked a lot of questions, took photos and created a review.

Then we ran this review across our series of web sites 13 in total covering travel in Central America and Guatemala. We have technology that allows us to post to Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Chime, Stumble and about another 46 Social Media sites.

This was an original story, based on original content and it connected with people in 6 Continents, 71 Countries and 960 Cities around the world.

I ran into Maria today at the bank and she said to me, “Lis I do not know what has happened, I am busy every night” I did not say a word.
Thus a word of advise for those that use others content and do not create original stories your days are numbered on-line Google now will not index your pages any longer. If you use Google plus, that is a better way for Google track you and they will catch you.


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