Guatemala 5 Reasons to Change “Bimbo Bread”

If bread is the staff of life, why would anyone name it Bimbo Bread?  Some of you who live in certain parts of the US might also be familiar with this brand, Bimbo Bread with its little white bear mascot.  Yolkobsens had never seen it until they came to Antigua Guatemala.

Though Bimbo Bread belongs to a highly successful and huge Mexican-based conglomerate, we think we can help them by throwing out a challenge:  a contest to rename Bimbo bread.  Submit all of your suggestions immediately.  Because, well, this is like important, okay?

Here are five reason why Bimbo Bread should change it’s name.

Reason #1

Obviously, it sounds like a fatally stupid, blond-for-brains woman.  Okay, I’m glad we got the screamingly obvious point down first.  The other four reasons don’t even really count. But here goes anyway.

Reason #2

Anyone who has tried to find their way in Antigua Guatemala using any map will be profoundly and irretrievably lost. Now it can be told:  Bimbo Bread designed all of them. Best advice: before setting out for any walk in this town, leave your dental records with the hotel, hostel etc.

Reason #3

How many slices of Bimbo Bread does it take to make a peanut butter sandwich?  Answer: none.  “Eeeewww, that icky gross brown clashes with my complexion.  Besides, I forgot the recipe.  Can’t we get takeout?”

Reason #4

Did you hear the one about the loaf of Bimbo Bread who was so dumb she slept with the???  (you fill in the blank: e.g., panini press, etc.).

Reason #5

Pronouncing it with a Spanish accent doesn’t help with the IQ and nutritional deficiency.  “Oh Beem-Boh, your discourse on Aristotelian Metaphysics makes it all so clear now.”  Exactly.


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