Restaurants in Antigua Guatemala

Three Best Restaurants in Antigua Guatemala

There are more than 170 restaurants in Antigua Guatemala and, as in any city, the eateries range from charming little corners to large boisterous chains.  Here are three of Yolkobsen’s favorites, from fancy to mid-range to cheap and cheerful.

Las Antorchas

A recent Tuesday evening found us in the capable hands of the staff at Las Antorchas in Antigua Guatemala.  Since we had a profound and insatiable yen for steak, Yolkobsens targeted this place for the evening’s repast.

We both ordered fillet mignon and were surprised when we found not just one but two premium steaks on our plates.  Each was the size of am average woman’s palm.  Done in the classic fillet mignon style with a wrapping of bacon, the steaks were complemented with a mushroom gravy sauce.  The accompanying medley of seasonal vegetables and sliced fingerling potatoes were well prepared and paired well with the meat.

La Cocina Marina

If seafood is what you’re after then you need to do yourself a favor and head for La Cocina de Marina in Antigua Guatemala. The food is great.  But the restaurant’s true life force is Marina herself.

The small restaurant specializes in fresh seafood and what’s available that day depends on what Marina has decided to cook.  There’s usually about six choices on offer and Marina rhymes them off at lightening speed. Paella is one of her specialties.  Once you’ve placed your order, Marina goes to the back of the restaurant where you can watch her cook and talk to her the way you would if you were sitting in an old friend’s kitchen.

Restaurante La Estrella

The only street indication that this is a Chinese food restaurant is the lovely black and gold Mandarin screen that sits in the front entrance way in Antigua Guatemala. It could be any Guatemalan eatery in a converted colonial house, but for the presence of Estrella herself.  When she comes to your table you feel you are in the presence of a kind and clear soul.  The food is really good too.

We ordered the mixed vegetables, a constellation of crisp seasonal vegetables done with the time-honored Chinese preference for plenty of corn starch to make the food glisten.  It tasted pretty much the way it would at your hometown Chinese place, but with a Guatemalan flavor.


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