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Monterrico Guatemala

Monterrico Guatemala is a consummate beach town, full of hotels, hostels, bars and restaurants.  The government tourist agency has built a modest walkway to the beach.  The beach itself is stunningly beautiful, with its hot dark slate-gray lava sand and a Pacific vista that calls to your camera.  Unfortunately, the beach is not as tidy and clean as a tourist might wish for.  There’s plenty of litter, but not enough to put you off a stroll down the shore.  There are many beach side bars and restaurants from which perch you can watch the gentle waves in their good-bye-and-hello rhythms.

Year-round, Monterrico Guatemala is at least 85 degrees F by noon.  Be warned: the lava sand will burn your feet like no other you’ve experienced. Best thing to wear is a pair of athletic shoes that completely cover the feet.  Mrs. Y made the mistake of trying to cross the sand in sandals and wound up making a fast dash for the shade.  Luckily we landed at one of the many agreeable bar/restaurants planted along the shore.

Depending on the kind of beach person you are, you will have a different reaction to this iteration of the Pacific shoreline. By Yolkobsens’ standards the town and the public beach are well worth the visit, if only to experience a beach town in the Guatemalan style.

There are many comfortable hostels and hotels that line the shore of Monterrico Guatemala.  The beach fronts of these establishments are all well tended and clean, unlike the public beach described above.  Almost all of them have swimming pools to address the afternoon lethargy caused by heat and too many mojitos.

Again, it’s important to know that Monterrico Guatemala is a sleepy and calm oasis of warm sunshine and sea breezes during the week.  The weekends are a different matter altogether.  The place takes on the force of one loud and continuous party Friday and Saturday nights.  So if that’s what you like, then go for it.

If you prefer quiet breeze-propelled swaying in a hammock with an undemanding beach novel and few people around, we recommend Monterrico Guatemala during the week.

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