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Monterrrico Guatemala Beach Resorts


Recently we went on a road trip to the Pacific side of Guatemala to research first-hand the nearby Monterrrico Guatemala Beach Resorts.  We wanted to shed some light on what the beach lover could find less then two hours from Antigua Guatemala, a fine, but land-locked colonial town.

A following post highlights four Monterrrico Guatemala Beach Resorts that Yolkobsens recommend.  They all have: private, pristine and absolutely gorgeous Guatemala Pacific beaches; swimming pools; lush flowered landscaping; plenty of swaying palms; and cheerful shore- and pool-side bars with mojitos, beer and margaritas only a short wave away.  All have thatched palapas, which provide charm as well as welcome shade.

They are all located on the coastal road between Puerto de San Jose Guatemala and Monterrico Guatemala, which is the main beach town near Antigua Guatemala.  Price of double occupancy ranges between $70 and $90 US.  Expect to pay up to 30 percent more for Friday and Saturday night stays.  All have bungalow-style cabanas, varying in size from double to accommodation for larger groups, including families.

In order to reach these resorts, you will need a car or a hire a driver to take you from Antigua Guatemala and back when your stay is over.  Cost per trip is in the $60 US range.  Once there, there is not really much available in the nearby villages, so you will also likely be signing up for the three-meal deal.  Check with each resort as to meal prices.

During the week, these beach hotels are all quiet and unpopulated.  We highly recommend a few day’s stay from Monday to Thursday if you want tranquil, unfettered relaxation with the place more or less to yourself.  Weekends are another matter and there tends to be plenty of Guatemala-style partying, loud and late into the night.  If that’s what you’re looking for then switch up your plans to be there for Friday and Saturday night.  Otherwise, you’ve been warned.

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