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2012 Mayan Calendar


2012 Mayan Calendar2012 Mayan Calendar

New Age (New Age Movement and New Age Spirituality) is a social collective phenomenon and a spiritual nature/cosmology movement that seeks universal truth through the Oneness of Humanity. It combines aspects of spirituality, esotericism, complementary and alternative medicine, various religious practices and environmentalism. It is characterized by an eclectic and individual approach to spirituality with a general rejection of mainstream dogma and religion.

Terms used to describe the movement include: Self Spirituality, New Spirituality and Mind-Body-Spirit. Related terms include: Cultural Creative, Everyone Is Equal, New Paradigm and

December 21, 2012
I have been interested in the calculation of calendars for some time now. The main thing I discovered is the calendar is put in place by the ruler of the nation to direct the people in all aspects of trade, government, holly days and most if not all aspects of life. You can always locate the real head of the people by finding out who implemented their calendar. Whether Moses and Aaron, Pharaoh, Cesar, Pope, or King this person “always” resents god, or the gods on earth. He is the self proclaimed god on earth!

Today many nations (and all nations or countries) that wish to do business with the West use the Gregorian (Pope Gregory XIII) calendar. This is the most widely used calendar in the world!

360 Day Solar Calendar
In earlier times the Hindu, Persian, Hebrew, Babylonian, Assyrian, and on it goes, calendars were based on a 360 day year with 12 months of 30 days each. Holidays are separate days that are set apart and do not count in the days of the year. If you actually have 365 days in a year but have 5 holidays, those holidays are holy and your calendar year is 360 days.

2012 Mayan Calendar
The origins of the Mayan calendars are obscured by time. The Mayas themselves were adept sky watchers. Their classical period is thought to be from 200-900 A.D. However, large ruins with Mayan features have been found dating back to before the time of Christ. The Mayans attributed the origin of their incredibly complex calendar system to a people who existed before them, whose origin was lost in the past.??A rather new bit of information that is becoming very popular now days is the Mayan Calendar prediction of the end of the world on December 21, 2012 at 11:11 GMT when the earth completes it’s 26,000 year Chandler wobble, and the sun’s (eclipse) alignment with the center of our galaxy, another once in 26,000 years.

I have no idea how someone determines when the earth’s wobble begins and end. As far as the sun eclipsing the Milky Way, who knows? The Milky Way, “As a galaxy, the Milky Way is actually a giant, as its mass is probably between 750 billion and one trillion solar masses, and its diameter is about 100,000 light years.”??The Mayan Calendar, “Like the ancient calendar of Noah’s time, the Mayan calendar also has 360 days in a year. It also dates to a time before the Noachian deluge.

According to the Mayan calendar, we are now living in the Mayan end times. The Great Cycle of the Mayan Long Count calendar ends at the winter solstice in 2012 A.D., less than eight years from now. In Mayan mythology, the winter solstice sun corresponds to the deity known as One Hunahpu, or First Father.

The dark rift of the Milky Way, in Mayan cosmology, is known as the Black Road, the mouth of the Cosmic Monster, and the birth canal of the Cosmic Mother. The Mayan calendar has a Great Cycle, ending 13 bactuns or a period of 5,125 years. To the ancient Mayans, this conjunction of the sun and Milky Way center or mid-point will occur on the winter solstice, December 21, in 2012 A.D. This date represents a major transition point, the creation of a new World Age.”

The Mayan Mysteries, “One of the great mysteries of modern times is the Desden Codex, one of the few surviving books from the ancient Mayan civilization that existed in Central and South America. This book, decoded by a German scholar in 1880, opened a door to discovery of the brilliant minds of the Mayans.

The Codex is filled with numeric equations based upon the movement of the planets, the sun and the stars. The book and other encoded inscriptions on buildings and surviving stone monuments found mostly in the ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula, include a calendar that is so accurate it puts our present system of measuring years to shame.”??Gilbert and Cotterell note that the Mayans also used another complex system of counting days related to a starting date they called the Birth of Venus. That date was set at Aug. 13, 3114 BC. This calendar was divided into uinals of 20 days, tuns of 360 days and longer periods of 7,200 days known as the katun, and 144,000 days called the baktun. The Mayans seemed to believe that the world as we know it would end at the conclusion of the 13 baktun, measuring from the Birth of Venus.

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