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WordPress Themes and Templates the Good the Bad and the Worse

The use of Social Media for the Travel Industry in Antigua Guatemala is an important part of any Travel business to be found on-line. Antigua Guatemala Social Media News Blog uses various tools to connect to Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon. is a new social media site that offers users many different means to share information. These Social Media sites are a compliment to any Guatemala Travel Business main web site.

WordPress is an amazing technology that allows users to build simple blogs or vary complex web sites. I have used WordPress for years this is a review of the sites that offer themes and my opinion.

I have used WordPress from the start and Drupal etc. An entire industry moved from making html templates to WordPress. Themes and templates are available for almost any category or idea a user may have.

The problem with all this is recreating out of ones content the same look that theses template guys are offering. The demo looks great, the price is right and you buy it. In many cases that is were the excitement and fun ends. Support is key for me. being a Gal I have no time for the reboot your Mac clear your cache etc tech support.

I run a lot of WordPress sites for our own business reasons. I do not do custom work of any kind. My knowledge of WordPress is lets say expert, over the years I have figured out all the problems I have to deal with, Images, videos, auto post, SEO and plugins across my network of sites etc.

Thus this is my review and thoughts for some of those template and theme folks out there making offers of spectacular sites in a few minutes.

My first review is an old reliable I have ran these themes for years. They are rock solid and work. My site looks just like the demo site they offer. All their themes are easy to use and with good documentation. Support is okay. SEO value excellent the search engines like these themes without any SEO plugins.

My next review is Very exciting themes leading toward magazine and newspaper world for WordPress. I have a few and could never make them work correctly. If you are migrating a site from one theme to one of these well. If you have a lot of blogs and pages with images you prepare for a lot of work.

The tech folks here who wrote the documentation for Gabfire tells one that once you have migrated your site you need to regenerate all your images for them to appear correctly in their themes. I could never get this part to work. Having 1200 articles in a site all with two images, well I am not going to upload each image again as suggested. Thus since I could never get the themes to work no examples.

My next review is I use a few of their themes with great work to make them act like the demo shows. In order for these themes to work you must have a featured image with ever post and page. Or no images or in fact a few of their themes will not work at all. The documentation does not explain this fact till after you end up in this rats nest of confusion. I have two sites running their themes or lets call it based on. Both of these themes I like however are a bear to get running. I run cache tools for performance on all my sites. With these tools running the theme changes do not take place. Would have been nice to see that in the documentation. Support from these folks I hate. I am sure by now they hate me as well. I ask simple questions and I get treated like a dumby, Okay I am blonde. Basics like you need featured image should be front and center in their install documentation? I get pounded about running cache apps. Any way you will have to put on that thinking cap with these folks and their themes to make them work.

I do have a favorite theme supplier. I use their themes for my travel business. These guys figured out what a user wants to have and they built everything into this template. In some cases I see this more like and app. Turn off and on features, works with images excellent, SEO, Video etc. Real documentation I changed to one of their themes in less then two hours with 1000 blog posts and 3000 images.

Support is amazing I never get the reboot or you are stupid or some answer that was never the question. I have asked for the ability to change some features. I get a simple to understand step by step guide to making changes.

Hope those of you considering WordPress themes or templates find this helpful?

Guatemala has the best Glad Wrap


There are those who travel to sample Wines, Fois Gras or oogle art.  Then there are those like Mr. Yolkobsen who like to compare and contrast Canadian Glad Wrap with the same brand purchased in Antigua Guatemala.  Seriously.

To Mr. Y food wrap is religion so he takes the medium in which we wrap our Foods of Guatemala leftovers very seriously. He insists that the Glad Wrap bought in this colonial town is of the same quality he remembers as a child.

Now, when some people remember childhood comforts from the kitchen they recall with weepy fondness the puddings, the Madeline cookies, the jiggly junket desserts or the steamed broccoli only mom knew how to make.  For Mr. Y, his Proustian reverie is the clear and clingy petroleum by-product of his formative years. Go know.

In general, he insists, the product bought in Guatemala has a thicker membrane factor and overall superior cling quotient, enhanced with the correct trampoline bounce and return margin.  All of these qualities embrace and preserve the food with the just-right blend of reverence and efficiency.  Leftovers are treated with respect in our home, especially our Guatemalan dishes.

While Guatemalan traditional food is fine, the country is not celebrated for its cuisine.  There’s no shame in that. The Brits have been making terrible food for years and have made bad food an art form. Still tourists flock to their shores.  Guatemalan food is basic and well-prepared.  In fact, it’s really hard to get a bad meal here. Prices in restaurants are usually less than a quarter of what you’d pay anywhere in North America and an eighth of what you’d fork over in the UK.

And we always enjoy a “plato tipico” (traditional dish), comprising a grilled meat, roasted plantain, guacamole, a few grilled seasonal vegetables refried beans and the ever-present tortillas.  And to Guatemalans, the tortilla is, well, very important.

Our housekeeper, Juan, insists that tortillas do not, and never will, benefit from being rolled in Yolkobsens preferred clear plastic film.   He swears he can taste this foreign notion on his tortillas.  Best to store them in the blue or pink plastic that everyone here uses for take out foods, including the tortillas.

To some, red wine is red wine and so what?  To others, plastic food wrap is all the same.  But to the discerning connoisseur, there’s plastic and then there’s plastic.

Antigua Guatemala Weather | Update February 1st

Antigua Guatemala Weather celebrated the first week of February with weather as always, the weather was unpredictable. Mayan history in Guatemala Weather always tells us that February is a month of many changes and the first week of February.  Antigua Guatemala had weather as predicted, changing every day.

We found each of the first days of February in Antigua Guatemala Weather had temperatures ranging from 78 for a high to 45 for a low in the highlands surrounding Antigua. The second of February in Antigua was cold and damp and we decided to leave Antigua in search of warmer weather along the beaches of Guatemala.

We headed to the pacific coast of Guatemala in the region known as Monterrico which greeted us with high temperatures of in the mid 90s and very warm Pacific Breezes. The morning weather in Monterrico was foggy and overcast. Which quickly burned off by mid morning. We had a chance to play in the ocean, enjoyed the break from the cold weather that had stalled over Antigua Guatemala.

We checked in with friends in Livingston Guatemala to get a read on the temperatures on the Caribbean side of Guatemala. The Caribbean coast of Guatemala was basked in high 90 degree temperatures which is common for the Livingston Guatemala region of Guatemala. Livingston along with high temperatures for the first week in February had very high humidity.

Lake Atitlan maintained good weather with just a few showers in isolated spots around the lake. We checked in with Kayak Guatemala adventure center to get our report from around Lake Atitlan. Lee explained that winds came up a few days over the first week of February making for a few white caps on Lake Atitlan. Mostly pleasant weather prevailed over the Lake.

Friday a front come in from the Pacific coast of Guatemala brought rain to much of the country. In Antigua just a few drops of rain. The weather forecast for Antigua for the end of the second week of February is high temperatures closing in on the 80 degree range.

More weather for Guatemala and Antigua coming in a week.