Antigua Guatemala Weather | Update February 1st

Antigua Guatemala Weather celebrated the first week of February with weather as always, the weather was unpredictable. Mayan history in Guatemala Weather always tells us that February is a month of many changes and the first week of February.  Antigua Guatemala had weather as predicted, changing every day.

We found each of the first days of February in Antigua Guatemala Weather had temperatures ranging from 78 for a high to 45 for a low in the highlands surrounding Antigua. The second of February in Antigua was cold and damp and we decided to leave Antigua in search of warmer weather along the beaches of Guatemala.

We headed to the pacific coast of Guatemala in the region known as Monterrico which greeted us with high temperatures of in the mid 90s and very warm Pacific Breezes. The morning weather in Monterrico was foggy and overcast. Which quickly burned off by mid morning. We had a chance to play in the ocean, enjoyed the break from the cold weather that had stalled over Antigua Guatemala.

We checked in with friends in Livingston Guatemala to get a read on the temperatures on the Caribbean side of Guatemala. The Caribbean coast of Guatemala was basked in high 90 degree temperatures which is common for the Livingston Guatemala region of Guatemala. Livingston along with high temperatures for the first week in February had very high humidity.

Lake Atitlan maintained good weather with just a few showers in isolated spots around the lake. We checked in with Kayak Guatemala adventure center to get our report from around Lake Atitlan. Lee explained that winds came up a few days over the first week of February making for a few white caps on Lake Atitlan. Mostly pleasant weather prevailed over the Lake.

Friday a front come in from the Pacific coast of Guatemala brought rain to much of the country. In Antigua just a few drops of rain. The weather forecast for Antigua for the end of the second week of February is high temperatures closing in on the 80 degree range.

More weather for Guatemala and Antigua coming in a week.


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