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Antigua Guatemala, love foods of Guatemala

Yolkobsens, firmly planted in Antigua Guatemala, love foods of Guatemala.  Of particular delight and cause for celebration is the kind of avocado found here. Unlike the Hass variety from California or Mexico, which is the kind gringos are used to buying in Chicago or Toronto, the Guatemala representation is less meaty, of a paler hue … Continue reading

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Monterrico Guatemala Cayman Suites

There’s a well-kept secret near Antigua Guatemala: the nearby pristine and beautiful beaches in the Monterrico Guatemala area.  Getting there is easy by car or shuttle van and you can drive there in under two hours.  However,  it might take you 5 to 6 hours by chicken bus.  That’s okay if you’ve got the time. … Continue reading

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Santa Maria Cafe – Antigua Guatemala

Just back from lunch at the punchy little restaurant called Santa Maria Cafe, on the southwest side of Antigua Guatemala, and Yolkobsens thought you would want to hear about this interpretation of Guatemalan food right away. It’s an odd, micro place with six tables for two.  When we got there it was going on 1 … Continue reading

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Panderia Santa Clara – 2a Avenida Sur #24

Panderia Santa Clara Antigua Guatemala Two things let you know you are nearing Panderia Santa Clara:  the flowered flag above the door and the line-up that often trails into the street. The shop itself must be 7 ft. by 12 ft., and it’s jumbled and jammed with savory breads and elaborate pastries.  An icon of … Continue reading

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Antigua Guatemala Coo-chee Coo-chee Bakery

Bakery hopping in Antigua Guatemala is a tough job, but somebody has to do it. Nobly sacrificing our waist lines and striking an accord with Mr. Tooth Decay, Yolkobsens bravely sampled interpretations of the fine Guatemalan food found in a number of local bake shops. Panderia San Antonio – 4a Calle Oriente #29B Who can … Continue reading

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Pasteleria La Cenicienta Antigua Guatemala

Any bakery that calls itself, the Cinderella pastry shop is off to a good start in my books.  Pasteleria La Cenicienta is located just off the busy south end of the Alameda Santa Lucia in Antigua Guatemala.  If you aren’t looking for it you’ll likely not notice it since there’s no big show-off bakery window. … Continue reading

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