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Antigua Guatemala Coo-chee Coo-chee Bakery

Bakery hopping in Antigua Guatemala is a tough job, but somebody has to do it. Nobly sacrificing our waist lines and striking an accord with Mr. Tooth Decay, Yolkobsens bravely sampled interpretations of the fine Guatemalan food found in a number of local bake shops.

Panderia San Antonio – 4a Calle Oriente #29B

Who can resist a bakery that Antigua Guatemala lovingly call, “coo-chee coo-chee?”  I ran amok trying to find this spot, but when I asked, “?Donde esta el coo-chee coo-chee?” I was relieved when they pointed me toward the famous Panderia San Antonio and not to a bar highly favored by the naval fleet.

This venerable Antigua Guatemala landmark has a long history and many declare it the best bread bakery here.  Located just before the Concepcion barrio, this tiny boutique only has about a dozen kinds of sweet and savory breads.

I bought a loaf of the “pan frances,” or French bread and an almond-kissed, mildly sweet, muffin-shaped golden mini loaf.  The bread was flavorful and had a lot of character.  And, unlike most Guatemalan breads, it was still moist and tasty the next day.

The muffin-shaped number?  I scarfed it down on the way home.  Enough said.

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