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Antigua Guatemala, love foods of Guatemala

Yolkobsens, firmly planted in Antigua Guatemala, love foods of Guatemala.  Of particular delight and cause for celebration is the kind of avocado found here.

Unlike the Hass variety from California or Mexico, which is the kind gringos are used to buying in Chicago or Toronto, the Guatemala representation is less meaty, of a paler hue and much milder taste.

The key to making tasty avacado dips for snacking or pairing with cocktails before traditional Guatemalan food is simple:  think of this fruit as a medium, rather than the main incredient.

With Guatemalan avocadoes it’s helpful to apply the tofu principle of cooking:  it tastes like whatever you put on it, without lending much taste to the medley of incredients you add.

You’ll still have the beautiful green color in a bowl, puncutated with bits of red onion, red pepper, bacon bits (your own homemade not the mystery eraser material bumps that come from the package) or whatever your imagination and palette preference dictate.

Another tip:  the smaller the avacado the better the taste and consistency.  Avoid the big flasy honkers you find in the marketplace since they are more water than anything else.

The following is a recipe for perfect dips to make part of your repertoire of food in Guatemala.

AvoGuate Dip (serves four)

Ingredients:  six small ripe avocados; half a teaspoon of ready-made hot sauce,  (not too hot, but piquant enough to stimulate the taste buds); one glove of garlic, minced; one small red onion, chopped fine; and a squirt of anchovie paste.

Cream the avocado then combine the rest of the ingrediets in a bowl, garnish with tomato bits and serve.

This is only one recipe, but you get the idea from the above.  A lot of Guatemalan food cooks add mayonaise, but we don’t favor that approach.  You can add pretty well anything that you like for color and flavor. “!Buen provincho!”

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