Lake Atitlan Guatemala Travel Blog

Panderia Santa Clara – 2a Avenida Sur #24

Panderia Santa Clara Antigua Guatemala

Two things let you know you are nearing Panderia Santa Clara:  the flowered flag above the door and the line-up that often trails into the street.

The shop itself must be 7 ft. by 12 ft., and it’s jumbled and jammed with savory breads and elaborate pastries.  An icon of Santa Clara herself presides over the shop. This must be auspicious because the fare turned out by this little bakery, located just south of the Iglesia Santa Clara ruins, is among Antigua Guatemala‘s best.

You can make an outstanding light lunch with their savory buns as the main attraction. Items on offer in this category include:  pastry-robed mini hot dog franks (really “pigs in a blanket” where I come from); spinach salad seasoned with a light mayonnaise; and my favorite, ground beef spiced mildly with peppers and dotted with bits of corn.  We made a good late lunch, paired with an Argentine shiraz, out of our samplings from this kind establishment.

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