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Pasteleria La Cenicienta Antigua Guatemala

Any bakery that calls itself, the Cinderella pastry shop is off to a good start in my books.  Pasteleria La Cenicienta is located just off the busy south end of the Alameda Santa Lucia in Antigua Guatemala.  If you aren’t looking for it you’ll likely not notice it since there’s no big show-off bakery window.  A small doorway and modest signage are the only hints of the pastry vault just inside its threshold.

On this late Sunday morning, we joined a lineup of Antiguenos waiting to buy their favorite confections for the family get-together.  Though tempted by the haunting chocolate cake, the tarts that seemed to know our names, and the pies that would intimidate even the most seasoned exorcist, we finally settled on three slices from this pasteleria’s very persuasive repertoire.

First, the chocolate cheese cake:  here the chocolate swirls played obedient marionette to the master in charge, namely, a just-so sour cream cheese.  Mr. Y declared this his favorite.

Second, we tucked into the macadamia nut pie:  a conspiracy of toasted macadamia on a crusted bed of mildly sugared filling, brought me to tears.  It got Mrs. Y’s vote as best.

Third, was the walnut pie: a play of walnuts, field-marshaling over a not-too-sweet filling and a competent, though slightly tough crust, was very good also.

Antigua Guatemala has a number of famous Bakeries and Pastry Shop that you will find on-line. For us we prefer to write about the taste of Antigua Guatemala rather then to be promoted to a Bakery or Pastry shop.

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