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In Search of Home: A Documentary from Christine Jawski

In Search of Home: A Documentary from Christine Jawski on Vimeo.

About The Film

How do we find our place in the world?

What does it mean to belong?

Where is home?

In Search of Home is a filmmaker’s journey to answer these age-old questions. It follows Christine Jawski as she makes her way back to her birth country of Chile for the first time since her adoption in 1979. Unsure of what she will find, who she will find, and how she will find it, Christine can no longer ignore the tugging in her heart to explore the place where her life began.

Born during a time of dictatorship in Chile, Christine was put up for adoption at a tender age along with her brother. Shortly thereafter she was adopted by her parents, Monica and Philip, both natives to NY. Christine always felt deeply grateful for the opportunities she was given, yet she felt a strong sense of duality. It was as if there was a deep hole in her life where her history once was. She began to realize how deeply she longed to touch the landscape of her birth country. Like the mythic call to action that cannot be ignored, Christine has begun her long journey home to search for her origins.

While her attempts to find her birth history yielded only small kernels of information, Christine’s journey home grew into something larger than her personal quest. She knew that she would soon be traveling to Chile on the shoulders of all of those who went before her and that she would become a voice for adopted/orphaned children of the future.

At the heart of this story is a shared history of the long and arduous journey Home. This archetypal quest forms the foundation for myths across the globe, continuously repeating throughout generations and across cultures.

The questions at the heart of this film are at once intensely personal and completely universal. This is the story about how we are all in search of home, and of how a community comes together to support that journey.

Sooner or later, it’s one we will all inevitably take.

Guatemala Travel Review had the chance to meet and talk with Christine Jawski Co-Producer and Trevor Ortiz Sound and Technical Support. Christine and Trevor are in Antigua and Lake Atitlan Guatemala for month of experiences in Guatemala before they head to Chile.

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