Antigua to Livingston Guatemala Trip

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We decided to take a trip from Antigua Guatemala to Rio Dulce Guatemala and then across the lake and down the Rio Dulce to Livingston Guatemala. This was accomplished by taking a bus to Guatemala City.

Sorry no chicken bus this time we were told it would take two days. So we headed to Guatemala City and hopped on the luxury coach to Rio Dulce. Not a lot of great photo opps on that road trip.

We reached Rio Dulce late in the afternoon about a 6 hour bus ride with one rest stop outside of Zacapa Guatemala. At the bus station in Rio Dulce we were swamped with peddlers for rooms, boat ride and anything they could offer us.

We quickly retreated to a bar out of the main area. There we found that we could get a boat to a small area that offered some cheap rooms. We took the advice and off we went by boat across the lake. Yes is was a cheap place and not worth mentioning by name.

In the morning we hired a boat to take us across this great lake in Guatemala and down or up the Rio Dulce River to Livingston Guatemala which was our final stop.

From the mouth of the Rio Dulce is without question the best part of this trip. The river narrows and your are for the most part in a gorge. Along the Rio Dulce are hot springs, a few enterprising bars. Beauty that neither words or photos can show.

Reaching Livingston Guatemala was a welcome break and we headed into Livingston for a few Gallo beers and a night of well needed rest.


When you arrive by launch or ferry in this island town you will know that you have stepped over to another Guatemala. There is a definite Caribbean feel to the place.

Once in Livingston Guatemala, you’ll find everything you need – hotels, restaurants, banks, shops -on the main street which leads up from the Municipal Dock, runs straight through town, and ends at the beach.

Walk straight up the hill from the dock, keep on going and you will find yourself on a Caribbean beach. Then walk along the beach and sit under a shore bar pelapa (sp?) with acool drink while you watch pelicans dive for lunch.

Walk in another direction and you can explore a small jungle.

The best deal town is sitting at one of the many bars, restaurants and cafes on the Calle Prancipal and watching people go by: the flow of small town life … the blend of cultures and people

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