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Mayan End of the World Antigua Guatemala


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If you are following all the hype, anthropological facts, or the thoughts of the Maya themselves, then you have tuned into the meaning of the Maya calendar in Antigua Guatemala.  By now you know that some, though not all, say the calendar indicates the end is nigh on December 21, 2012. Some say it’s December 23, but really, the end of the world proposition is no time to be splitting hairs. Will two day’s grace really help you get all of those last minute things done?  Exactly.

Some say all of this is a clumsy gringo misinterpretation, others say it’s the true writing on the wall, or ancient tablet, in this instance. Most Maya elders cite the higher rationality of their ancestors and say its just the end of an, albeit long, calendar cycle, which basically means get a grip in any language.

Yolkobsens plan to be in Antigua Guatemala for the winter solstice 2012 in any case.  We figure the seats will be good if the world ends or, like, doesn’t.

Here are five reasons you should be in Antigua Guatemala for the Maya calendar end of the world on December 21, 2012.

Reason #1 Antigua Guatemala Weather

The Antigua Guatemala weather will be it’s usual reliable 72 to 75 degrees F in December, just before hell freezes over.  So you’ll want to e here to get a good warm-up in advance of the apocalypse.

Reason #2  Antigua Guatemala Food

Guatemalan food is a great way to ease the strain of those pesky end of the world as we know it blues. We plan to gorge ourselves on: Chiles Rellenos, our favorite Guatemalan dish; modestly priced but robust Chilean wines and the perfect alchemy of a margarita that only our local barmen know how to concoct; tortillas, blue and not; roasted plantain; plenty of Guatemalan traditional food guacamole; and cakes and pastries from the many fine pastelerias in this town. No doubt, our bakers will be applying their finest artistry to Antigua Guatemala’s signature Santiago Cake as it, along with us, take the last fiery curtain call.

Reason #3 Antigua Guatemala Fireworks and Firecrackers

People in these parts are very partial to fireworks and set them off on every occasion and with little provocation.  That goes for firecrackers too. Street bombas, which make you jump out of your seat and then adjust your heart back in its chest cavity, are just normal here. The end of the world will have to put up some pretty flamboyant pyrotechnics and noise to compete with the gunpowder R us philosophy that will be in play here that night. In fact, the Horse Men of the Apocalypse and their flesh-eating gargoyle pals might well go unnoticed amid the flaming and clamorous hubbub that is normal in these parts throughout the month of December.

Reason #4  Antigua Guatemala Volcanoes

Volcanoes are a huge feature of interest for tourists coming to Antigua Guatemala. We assume the three bolstering the south and west end of town, Agua, Fuego and Acatenango, will be revived from their ancient defunct or near-kaput state and give us one more big show.  Fuego is the only one that remains benignly active, most days sending puffs of smoke up from its rumbling core.  On that very special night we expect our Vulcan Troika to pitch in and ably assist with the scorched Earth agenda.  And if the world doesn’t go off its rails for eternity, in the morning you can look at the stunning view these three princes of the city continue to provide.

Reason #5 Antigua Guatemala Bars and Restaurants

What a night to be in one or two of the hundreds of bars and restaurants that make Antigua Guatemala such a party town, especially during the Christmas season. Guatemalans know how to party like no others and we will stand shoulder to shoulder with them as we face the end together.  On any given December night, there are festivities, such as the Burning of the Devil, and traditionally religious as well as drunkenly spontaneous processions burning their way through the streets during the darkest time of the year.  Partying until the hour of the wolf is as normal here as getting up and going to work on Monday morning.

And, when the smoke clears and we see that the world continues to wobble on its axis, we’ll be sharing hangover cures the next day as usual.

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