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Frijoles Negros Recipes Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala Recipes Frijoles Negros

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Guatemala Travel Review was again out on the roads of Guatemala in search of the perfect Black Beans for Frijoles Negros. After consulting many in Antigua Guatemala, Lake Atitlan and Livingston Guatemala we found the perfect place that grows the perfect Black Beans for making Frijoles Negros in all of Guatemala.

Parramos Guatemala

Parramos is a municipality in the Chimaltenango department of Guatemala. Getting to Parramos from Antigua Guatemala is a 30 minute chicken bus ride north and then west. You pass through Jocotenango, Pastores and then to Parromos. Parromos is not on the must see tourist places in Guatemala it is however a very friendly town with yes lots of Black Beans.

Parromos is on the top of a mountainous region of the highlands of Guatemala an area considered excellent for three agricultural crops, Corn, Beans and Avocado’s. The town of Parromos is not large and one can walk most of it in an hour. The people are great we ate at a little restaurant off the main square in Parromos then headed to the market area. yes we found the famous Parromos Black Beans.

I looked on line and found a recipe for Frijoles Negros that I felt followed closer to what I find the locals make in Antigua Guatemala the Mayan version. A few versions of the recipes for Frijoles Negros are more of a fine black paste. I prefer the recipe which is onions, peppers, chili’s, Bacon, Olive oil, slat and pepper. Slow cook these ingredients till everything is nice and soft. Then add three cups of your Black beans you have soaked over  night and then cooked over low head for four hours.

Mix this together with the vegetables and add enough of the water from the beans to keep this moist. Cook for another hour. Mash the beans with a potato masher just till it remains chunky not a paste.

You have it the best beans in Guatemala.

Frijoles negros (literally “black beans” in Spanish) is a nutritious dish made with black beans, prepared in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and several other nations in Latin America. The black bean, a legume of the species Phaseolus vulgaris, are usually purchased in either canned or dried form. 1 cup of dried black beans yields approximately 2½ cups of cooked beans. Black bean soup (sopa de Frijoles Negros) is another commonly prepared Cuban favorite.

Frijoles Negros is typically seasoned with salt, ham hocks, onions and garlic, tomatoes, powdered cumin seeds, oregano, chili peppers, vinegar, and sometimes other ingredients.

Black beans are high in folate (256 mcg), iron (3.61 mg), magnesium (120 mg), and phosphorus (241 mg); they are also a source of zinc (1.92 mg), niacin (2 mg), and thiamine (.42 mg) – based on 1 cup portion size.

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