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Deportes Sporting Goods, Antigua Guatemala

Deportes Sporting Goods, Antigua Guatemala

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If you think that you have every souvenir there’s to be had in Antigua Guatemala, you need to stop at Deportes Antigua before heading home.   Jose, the owner, has on display the ultimate score for sports fans in general, and traveling soccer fanatics in particular.  It’s the official blue and white Guatemalan national soccer team shirt, one of his top sellers.

When you first enter the downtown shop, you will think that you are in an old fashioned mom and pop sporting goods store, the kind of small enterprise that used to thrive back in the days before Walmart sucked the life out of Main Street anywhere.

What’s different in this shop is its eclectic mix: standard sporting goods; western style boots done in the Guatemala interpretation; and Guatemala weave craft items, including wine bags for the charity organization, Amigos del Mundo Antigua Guatemala.

Sporting Goods and Sports Souvenirs

Yes.  Here you can get your very own celestial blue and white Seleccion Nacional de Futbol, Guatemala’s national soccer team, shirt. Children’s sizes are also available.  Also in stock and extremely popular with visiting sports fans in-the-know is the team scarf, which includes on its fringed edges the “I heart/love Guate.  Who could disagree with such a sentiment?

One of the things to know about Antigua Guatemala is that much town activity is dramatically pared down on afternoons when there’s a televised match between Real Madrid and arch rival, Barcelona.  That’s why draped prominently in the window you will find those two mighty titans’ flags, also for sale along with Real Madrid and Barcelona shirts and scarves.  These too are heavy hitters with tourist sports fans visiting the store.

Even if you are not looking for sports memorabilia and just need the basics, there is selection of items that range from tennis racquets to swim suits to soccer and basketballs,  many toting well known brand names ranging from Wilson and Spalding to Intex.  Jose can also advise you on where to play tennis and where to swim in Antigua Guatemala.

Boots from Pastores Guatemala

If you’ve spent any time in Antigua Guatemala you will likely know by now that only 10 minutes away by camioneta is Pastores Guatemala, the country’s boot capital.  If you have missed a trip there and want to buy excellent quality boots, mostly but not exclusively, in the cowboy tradition, at incredibly great prices, you can still snag a pair through Jose.  In fact, Jose hales from Pastores Guatemala and was making boots by the time he was 12 years old.  His family is still in the business so he keeps a goodly number of samples on shelves at the back of the store. A walk to the back room reveals a variety of styles, colors, toe points and leather whimsy you can order.  Boots can also be made to measure, netting you a pair that fit your funny feet perfectly. Prices for Pastores Guatemala boots are generally a tenth of what you would pay for similar quality and styling in the US or Canada.

Amigos del Mundo Antigua Guatemala Gift Bags

In a corner of the store you will find gift wine bags.  They, like Jose, have a story to tell.

Amigos del Mundo Antigua Guatemala Gift Bags, a small charitable organization in aid of disadvantaged Guatemalan children and weave craft women has three principle goals:

Provide aid to school-age pueblo children in Pastores Guatemala;

Generate income for weave craft families in a western highland town.

Create an authentic Guatemalan motif gift bag you can give to your hosts, bringing wine, sharing generosity and goodwill with your friends back home.

Jose is the link between the Amigos del Mundo, its weave craft community and the children in a Pastores Guatemala barrio who have received shoes, dental work and school uniforms through proceeds from gift bag sales.  This is Jose’s hometown barrio and he works with the organization to help give something back to his old neighborhood and community.

Amigos del Mundo Antigua Guatemala Gift Bags are designed as a tote for the wine and other gifts we bring when invited to our friends’ homes. The bags distinguish themselves on a number of counts:  they’re loomed by hand in an authentic weave craft pueblo and come with a cloth-bound signing booklet and an online system that lets you track where your bag winds up as it’s regifted around the world.

To get your gift bags and a chance to help Guatemala children and provide income to weave craft women and their families, visit Jose’s store or check out the Amigos del Mundo Antigua Guatemala site.

Deportes Antigua is located at 3a Calle Poniente #2B-1.

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