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Guatemala Spring Break 2012

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Spring Break 2012 Guatemala is the Place

Guatemala may not be the first choice for Spring Break in 2012, it should be. Guatemala offers the best priced, best options and best locations for Spring Break 2012.

While most of Guatemala friends to the north are waiting for freedom of those cold winter months Guatemala offers the perfect always guaranteed weather.

Antigua Guatemala weather for example maintains this year around 75 plus degree weather.

Monterrico Guatemala beaches maintain an average temperature of 95 degrees.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala 80 degrees the time of Spring Break.

Livingston Guatemala if you want the Caribbean weather Livingston has it and one can expect temperatures in Livingston to be close to 100 degrees every day during Spring Break 2012.

Spring Breakers always look for Beaches with warm weather. Florida and Texas are the big college Spring Break destinations. However how many times has Spring Break in these destinations been cool to cold. Not much beach fun when it is 60 degrees.

Mexico has taken a hold of the Spring Break influence. Yes Mexico has great Spring Break Weather however, prices and overcrowded beaches has started to make Mexico a not so welcome place for Spring Breakers.

Get lost in Guatemala as the ideal Spring Break destination in 2012.

Take for example if you want Beaches Guatemala has two fabulous Beach areas. The Monterrico Guatemala region has  60 Miles of Black Sand Beaches. The weather ins this Beach area of Guatemala is as always warm and Sunny. From Monterrico in the south to Sipacate Guatemala in the north great beaches await all for Spring Break.

Places to stay abound from Monterrico to Sipacate, Johnny’s Place is the party place for Spring Break. Cheap rooms, great bar, and yes on the beach.

Follow these suggestions for other places to stay;
Utz Tzaba Beach Hotel

“Utz Tzava,” means beautiful beach in one of the Maya languages.  And the beach is absolutely beautiful.  Creamy yellow bungalows and a few hotel-style rooms look out onto the Pacific.  There is a true tranquility here during the week and the pool is sized generously enough to provide space for a few athletic laps.

To contact Utz Tzaba Beach Hotel by phone:  502 5318-9452 or 502 7848-1479.
By email:

Dos Mundos Pacific Resort

Palms and hammocks accent the beautifully appointed grounds of this hotel very near Monterrico (Guatemala).  Dos Mundos distinguishes itself with a planked boardwalk-style patio around the one of its two pools.  There’s a children’s play area and this hotel enjoys a good reputation for its seafood meals.

To contact Dos Mundos Pacific Resort by phone:  502 7823-0820 or 502 7848-1771 or 502 7848-1407.
By email:

Check out their web site for more info
Room rates at this funny, sprawling character of a resort is also very reasonable.  Rooms that can sleep four are in the $60 range and bungalows that accommodate six, are in the $75 range.  Rates are 25 percent less during the week.

Like all Guatemala beach resorts, there is a big crowd on the weekend and hardly anyone there during the week.  A hotel van will shuttle you from Antigua Guatemala and back on the weekends.

Aside from spring, of course, when is spring break 2012?

Spring break actually starts for some schools in mid February and starts as late as the second week in April for a few, but most schools take spring break in March. So — if asking, “When is spring break 2012?” do ya actually want to know when the big weeks are?

March 5-23, 2012: unlike earlier years, weeks when the biggest number of students are out this year is quite evenly spread over those three weeks of March.

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