La Reunion Resort for Golf in Guatemala

I love settling down in Antigua Guatemala for the winter. With all its restaurants, sights, interesting people, and surprises, Antigua makes a great home base after escaping winter up north. But like many people that spend time in Antigua, there comes a moment when you crave a brief change of scenery and activity outside of the cobblestones and colonial architecture.

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Often, when this feeling creeps in, most people make their way to Lake Atitlan for a few days – to swim, kayak, explore the towns around the lake, or just stare at the lake as it changes hour by hour.

Lately, I found a different Antigua diversion – golf. I usually save my time on the links for summer days with my friends at home, but visiting the La Reunion golf course, 10km out of Antigua, had me fantasizing about trying a few rounds down here in Guatemala. The course has only been around for a few years and I was lucky enough to be treated to tour of the course in one of their shining new golf carts. I went there during the week and the course wasn’t busy. With no golfers in front of them and no one behind, the golfers I did see must have felt the luxury of having the whole course to themselves.

Surrounded by lush rolling hills of perfect green grass, it felt like a welcome relief to all the senses. There were luxurious landscaping touches everywhere. All this beauty was nestled within a backdrop of magical volcanoes. The course is a Pete Dyes design. Many fairways looked long, narrow and challenging. For this high handicap golfer with a rusty swing, I found myself calculating how many extra balls I would need to carry in my golf bag to finish a round. Watching one party of golfers putt out, I could see that the putting greens were deceptive and challenging too. I decided that even a high score wouldn’t tarnish the pleasure of playing this beautiful course.

A few days at the La Reunion resort are in the plans for me. After seeing the course, I am itching to get back there, take a quick practice at their driving range, buy some extra golf balls and tee off.


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