Our man in Antigua By Michael Sherer

Our Man In Antigua, Second Addition Reviewed

Our Man In Antigua
Our Man In Antigua

Normally I would have called this a book review however, this attempt at offering Readers or Travelers a guide for Antigua by Michael Sherer is for a better term more like a 12 page Booklet. This is the second addition of Our Man In Antigua sadly I have missed the first addition of Our Man In Antigua.

In reviewing this attempt at covering Travel Information for Antigua Guatemala I looked far and wide on line to find other works depicting Michael  Sherer as a professional travel writer. Nothing could be found. I am not sure how the idea for his view of the world came to be as “Our Man In Antigua”, I mean I did not have a vote on this idea he has self proclaimed himself to be Our Man.

According to Sherer’s on-line bio, Michael Sherer states the following;
Permanently retired to Antigua, Guatemala in 2008 and prior to that, a real estate appraiser in northern california for 28 years…ex-charter boat captain, ruby miner(India)Viet Nam vet, medic, 66-67. B.A and M.A in Psychology. In other bios information he states he has lived in Antigua Guatemala since 2010. Form your own opinions.

I came across this book Our Man In Antigua second addition at the wine shop below the Arch In Antigua Guatemala. While a friend was tasting wine I quickly paged through this Booklet about Antigua Guatemala from the eyes of a person that lives in Antigua. No photos that I remember a lot of Michael Sherer’s opinion of the world and Antigua kind of mixed together.

The price for this little gem of Antigua is $100Q. You can also find it available on line at Amazon.com for $9.99. For those of you lacking conversion right at your finger tips the retail version on the streets of Antigua Guatemala is $12.82 versus the on-line bargain for $9.99.

I checked out the reviews on Amazon.com to see what other readers have had to say about the second addition of Our Man In Antigua. Again forming my own opinion of those reviews of Our Man In Antigua we found that both persons that reviewed the booklet had only ever reviewed this book and no others with limited profile information to contact them with. Wonder how that happened?

You can find more information about Michael  Sherer http://michaelSherer.com/about/ his blog about his point of view about Guatemala as a self proclaimed travel expert.

My overall opinion of the booklet is as follows, If I want to learn about Antigua I would suggest buying Elizabeth Bell’s book about Antigua for the same price Michael Sherer’s Booklet.

Elizabeth Bell’s book has pictures.

For information similar to what Michael Sherer has provided in his booklet Our Man In Antigua second addition,  head to TripAdvisor its free.


2 thoughts on “Our man in Antigua By Michael Sherer

  1. That’s a good trick finding the 2nd Edition on the streets of Antigua, because only the 1st Edition is available in town. If you’d done your homework you’d find a few hundred travel articles on the examiner.com site where i pose as their central american travel writer. I could point you to other sites but brevity and misinformation appear to be your bread and butter. Michael Sherer

    1. We did our research and the second edition as the cover shows was on sale in Antigua.
      We write our opinion as you do. Mostly positive we found the booklet short on content and overpriced.

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