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Guatemala City Gallo Beer Brewery Tour

My Gallo Beer Brewery Tour

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I finally had my dream fulfilled of reaching the Gallo Brewery in Guatemala City. George from George’s Guatemala Travel Club made arrangements for me to see the Gallo Brewery. Oh the wives said “who cares about a Beer Tour of a Brewery”? I cared and some times I get my own way this time I won.

I did get into the Gallo Brewery for a Tour as the idea of Tours for the Gallo Brewery are not considered as an option at this time. However perhaps this post and others will convince Gallo Beer into Tours like those big Breweries in US offer.

Thus we offer readers pictures mostly. A few interesting points of this drive by Tour include a stunning Church in the Central Part of this huge Brewery complex. This church built by Gallo Beer or the official name Cervecería Centro Americana Sociedad Anónima is a Guatemalan brewery based in Guatemala City, Guatemala. It was founded by Mariano Castillo Córdova and his brother, Rafael Castillo Córdova. The Church is amazing like all Churches in Guatemala.

Hope you enjoy the shots.

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