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Review Corrections Our Man In Antigua

Michael Sherer wrote us to clarify our point of view on our review of his book “Our Man In Antigua”.

Michael Sherer wrote;
That’s a good trick finding the 2nd Edition on the streets of Antigua, because only the 1st Edition is available in town. If you’d done your homework you’d find a few hundred travel articles on the site where i pose as their central american travel writer. I could point you to other sites but brevity and misinformation appear to be your bread and butter. Michael Sherer

Obviously by Michael Sherer’s response to our review Michael Sherer did not take kindly to having a professional journalist and author form opinions about his works. Off we went searching the streets of Antigua Guatemala to see if we could find the now three different versions of Our Man In Antigua we have uncovered, no such luck.

We returned to Tabacos Y Vinos, the shop where we first looked at a real copy of the Our Man In Antigua booklet as I have called it in our review. I have collected three pictures now of  Our Man In Antigua books by Michael Sherer. I think one can see why we are confused about which is which.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Our Man idea is not new one by any means it was made famous by:
Our Man In Havana (1958) is a novel by British author Graham Greene, where he makes fun of intelligence services, especially the British MI6, and their willingness to believe reports from their local informants. Many other have followed the same Our Man Idea.

After looking again our review of Our Man In Antigua by Michael Sherer all three versions remains the same. Old news about Bars In Antigua as an example I think everyone including Hendrik from Riley’s Irish Tavern and the rest of the world know that Riley’s moved. Old news is not great news for a guide book.

And these will be the last words we waste on this topic.

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