Antigua Guatemala Weather | March 2012

Antigua Guatemala Weather | March 2012

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Antigua Guatemala February weather went out with a thud of cool and damp weather for the end of the month of February. Our Mayan guide that tell us the what the weather should be for each month was right on with his predictions for the month of February unpredictable it was for sure. February saw cool nights and warm days in Antigua Guatemala.

The beach area of Guatemala including Monterrico and Sepicate were as predicted hot in the 90 s most day. Livingston Guatemala and the Rio Dulce are in the 90’s every day as the Caribbean influence of warm weather maintains this regions pleasant and warm climate.

Lake Atitlan saw some rain during the month of February with mostly sunny days and cool nights as the lake region is used to. Lake in february saw a warming trent in Lake Atitlan region while Antigua Guatemala saw a few night break the low 60’s and dip into the 50’s.

In Antigua Guatemala, no matter what season, there is always a surprise, large or small, to be had when we walk out our front door. Among the more moving demonstrations are the processions that happen every Sunday leading up to Semana Santa or Holy Week.

Last Sunday, our road, like many here, was closed off early in the afternoon. Our neighbors came out to dress our calle with lines of flowers: Snap Dragons, Baby’s Breath and rose petals, on beds of pine needles. This floral carpet was repeated over and over by the barrio faithful throughout the town as the procession wound its way through the streets and over to the Calvario Church, located near the edge of Antigua Guatemala.

March weather can often be told or predicted by how March arrives, in like a Lion or a Lamb, depending on which sets the tone for the weather for the month of March no matter what part of the world you live in. I would say that March arrived in Antigua Guatemala as neither a Lion or a Lamb more like a Cow with the slow Moo of weather change coming as the heat begins to build every day and one can see the hillsides or the Guatemala Highlands beginning to dry due to lack of rain.

No matter how you look at the weather in Guatemala for the month of March it is as always pretty much the same high 70’s and low 60’s at night. The perfect vacation weather for Spring Break in Guatemala, at the beaches, the highlands of Guatemala or in the valley of Antigua Guatemala it will be pleasant.

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