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Antigua Guatemala Cafe La Parada

Antigua Guatemala and area the best coffee

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Guatemala is known around the world as a producer of high mountain shade coffee. Antigua and Lake Atitlan are in the heart of this Guatemala Highlands where in much of the great coffee of Guatemala is grown and harvested.

That said one would expect that Antigua and Lake Atitlan coffee would be available throughout Antigua Guatemala, it is and each coffee shop in Antigua roasts and brews their coffee beans slightly differently.

Me I need strong thick black coffee to start my day. I have tasted most of the highly promoted cafe’s and coffee shops in Antigua and in  Lake Atitlan this story is about my two spots out of all in Antigua that great me each morning with the cup of coffee I desire. Black Coffee.

First choice for my Antigua Guatemala coffee or cafe my pick is Cafe La Parada. Which is located on the 6th avenue north in Antigua. Directly across from La Merced Chuch. If you are facing La Merced Church entrance turn around and look behind you. You will run right into Cafe La Parada. Thus is a small 6 seat coffee house that is all about coffee from Guatemala and nothing else. No fancy signs, no promotions just the best cup of Java I face every morning.

My second choice for coffee or a cafe for coffee in Antigua is Micho’s café pub which is located on the 4th Avenue North just a block east of the Central Park. If you are facing the Cathedral in Central Park the street to your left is the 4th Avenue walk up the 4th and you cannot miss Micho’s café pub is on the right hand side. You will see a small coffee roaster at the entrance. The service is excellent the coffee is great and the prices are very reasonable.

Antigua Guatemala Coffee
Antigua Guatemala has long been recognized for growing the highest quality coffees in the world. It’s climate, high altitude, fertile volcanic soils and traditional farming practices contribute to the making of the world’s finest coffee.

Lake Atitlan
The lake basin supports extensive coffee growth and a variety of farm crops, most notably corn. Other significant agricultural products include onions, beans, squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, chile verde, strawberries, avocados and pitahaya fruit. The lake itself is rich in animal life which provides a significant food source for the largely indigenous population.

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