Amigo del Mundo Friendship Wine Gift Bags Donates

I was at Reilly’s Irish Tavern here in Antigua Guatemala last week for some fun.  Reilly’s, a very popular Antigua bar, was graciously hosting a lively anniversary party and fund-raiser for a local charity.

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The Integral Heart Foundation of Guatemala was celebrating a productive and successful first year of operation with a party and fund-raiser. The party was in full swing when I arrived shortly after 7.  A friend and supporter of IHF, Ron Fortin ,was playing sax at the door, ushering in the party goers with soft jazz on his vintage tenor sax.

My contribution to the night’s fundraising cause was three Amigos del Mundo wine Friendship gift Bags.  I had popped a few bottles of Argentinian Malbec in each wine bag for good measure.  I greeted Mick and Debora, co-founders of Integral Heart Foundation as I dropped of my goodies for the raffle draw.

There were some other great raffle prizes and some pretty good auction items too, like two nights at B’alam Ya a stunningly beautiful resort on  Lake Atitlan, Kali Martial Arts lessons, and lunch at Como Como here in Antigua.

The serious business of fund-raising never felt serious. Ron, after saxophone duty came inside and did a Kali Martial Arts demonstration on the bar.  Beer flowed, friends re-connected, a short documentary of Integral Heart Foundation’s work was shown.  Friends and supporters of the charitable community came together to congratulate Mick and Debora on a their amazing achievements in their first year in operation in Guatemala.

I must be getting old.  Even though I left well after my usual bedtime, I heard that I missed some raucous Irish dancing with a number of dancers reportedly coming away from the party sporting bruised knees.  All  for a good cause I say.
Integral Heart Foundation’s  programs include: a kindergarten project in San Mateo; matching sponsors to students in need, enabling student to stay in school; teaching philosophy to foster critical thinking, lighting up villages without electricity with cutting edge solar technology.

My contribution of the Amigo del Mundo Friendship Wine Gift Bags was well received.  In fact, I ended up winning one back with my raffle ticket. Gave it to the person sitting beside me who had the next number on her raffle ticket.

Nice to see old friends, celebrate, party and support a good cause – all in one night.  A solid showing of fun loving people assembled  for the big anniversary event and I was glad to be there.

The Integral Heart Foundation was co-founded by  Mick Quinn and Debora Prieto when moved they to Antigua Guatemala with their two dogs, Panchito and Bella in 2009.
Amigos Del Mundo was started to make a small difference in the world. We design, produce, and sell beautiful, hand made wine bags from hand-woven fabric. We create jobs for some of  Guatemala’s very skilled but under-employed weavers and crafters.


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