San Juan Comalapa Art Work

Just about an hours drive from Antigua Guatemala is San Juan Comalapa. San Juan Comalapa, which has a population of around 35,000, celebrates its market days on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, with Tuesday being the most important.  The town also has a baroque church, which is as beautiful as any located in La Antigua; and several small art galleries.

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Today there are some 500 painters in San Juan Comalapa Guatemala, and the majority of them still use the techniques of Curruchiche. These painters are dedicated to paint the costumes, life experiences and traditions of the indian towns.

A friends of mine, Lee Beal from Kayak Guatemala based in Lake Atitlan stopped by our home in Antigua Guatemala for an over night stay. Lee and his guide Samuel were heading to San Juan Comalapa with guests that had booked Lee for a tour of San Juan Comalapa to see Paintings and Artists from the region.  Lee is an amazing guide always looking for that special place that he can take his guests. This trip seamed like one we needed to head out on.

You will not find a lot on-line about this area of Guatemala. However doing some digging  around on line I cam across this site. This site has a wonderful collection of photography and art from;

Rebecca Plummer Rohloff Professor of Art + Design- Art Education, PhD

Welcome to my online gallery! I am a professor of Art + Design at Salem State University, MA where I teach art education courses to undergraduate students and those seeking teaching licenses. My studio work is inspired by themes of transformation. I spend most summers in Guatemala and hope to eventually use the visual arts there as a vehicle for maya cultural revitalization and community building.
For more information on projects, or availability and pricing of artwork, please contact me at
Be courageous and live deeply.

All the artwork in this post came from hers site and we thank her that use and give her full credit.

San Juan Comalapa, has the largest mural with pictures of the history of Guatemala, also shows a unique style of painting primitivist underway at the master Andres Curruchiche, visit the market and art galleries, the Catholic Church. Iximche onward journey. A stop at restaurants or Pauline Katoc to taste the best food in the Guatemalan highlands. Finally, the site visit Iximche classic post lordship of capital Kakchikel and place where he founded the capital of Guatemala, besides the visit to the town of Tecpan Guatemala.


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