Santa Claus in Antigua Guatemala December of 2012

Scores of  American travelers look forward to visiting Antigua Guatemala this winter – and while sightseeing, they visit those in need – playing  “Santa”! George’s Travel Club of Guatemala in partnership with InConTra, Inc will be helping bring Santa Claus to Antigua Guatemala in December of 2012.

This holiday season, Americans from all over the World plan to travel to Antigua, Guatemala on a mission of goodwill.  These ‘Santa’s helpers’, organized by InConTra, Inc. and George’s Travel Club of Guatemala are simply international travel enthusiasts, many from organizations such as Pioneers and Kiwanis International, and other wonderful civic associations, as well as from all walks of life.

They actually pay their own way to enjoy fascinating destinations (at startlingly good rates) – while delivering a timely message of global goodwill.  While abroad participants add to their rich sightseeing agenda by visiting homes for the aged, orphanages, hospitals along with enjoying local points of interest.

The Santa Goodwill Tour  travelers are comprised of members of the Pioneers which is the largest industry related volunteer organization in the world, Kiwanis International which boasts close to 300,000 members throughout the world in 89 countries, plus additional organization members, as well as simply fun-loving, adventurous, kind people.  Together with friends and family, they travel bearing small gifts, such as candies, postcards, homemade crafts, and share the festive holiday spirit and even songs with their welcoming audiences.

While the majority of the travelers are from these organizations, the trips are open to anyone who enjoys a quality trip combined with the best feature – the opportunity to spread some goodwill in the destinations they visit.  The interpersonal connections that are naturally evoked with these trips create bonds and memories that last a lifetime.

These adventurous travelers share a common thread, the enthusiasm of travel, and enjoy demonstrating the American concept of volunteerism and spreading of goodwill to the rest of the world.

InConTra, Inc. has been organizing these popular Santa Goodwill Tours since 1985.  What was going to be a one-time event has turned into a celebrated, annual tradition.  The first year, 500 participants visited Tokyo, Japan – many of which returned back home exhilarated, requesting to repeat the experience (in another fascinating destination) the very next year, perpetuating these tours into a once-a-year tradition which so many continue to participate in and enjoy.

Since that first goodwill travel event the Santas have made these very reasonably priced tours part of their annual tradition and have appeared as Santa for the goodwill portion of their tour on a Yangtze River Cruise, and in Beijing, Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Sydney, Melbourne, Accra, Auckland, Panama, Rio de Janiero, Santiago, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Cairo, Istanbul, Athens, Prague, Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, London, Edinburgh, Dubai, Capetown, to name a small few of the destinations they have ventured to over the years.

“In this time of global uncertainty, American travelers are genuinely eager to show their best face to other citizens of the world” says North East-based Roxan Chen, manager of InConTra, Inc.  “What better way to accomplish this than to embark on a well planned, enriching travel experience as Santa – the ultimate icon of festivity and goodwill!”  Ms. Chen has lent an experienced hand in the coordination of these tours since 1991 and often travels with the groups seeing to it that all details are in place.

Guatemala now attract visitors from all over the world.  People interested in a restful getaway or an adventurous, enriching vacation, friendly people and fascinating sights, as well as the opportunity to do well needed goodwill sign on.

The Santa Goodwill Tour concept is an excellent portrayal of the best in American culture and has sometimes generated a notable amount of publicity in the various venues.  Organizations and travelers have expressed that it is a bonus to occasionally receive good press for doing what comes naturally to them.

“We are eager to see an increase in participation; after all these tours bring out the best in travelers-actually in humanity!  The recipients of our visits seem to be deeply touched by our presence–I’d like to share these trips with more folks, after all, the more the merrier!” says William Price, Jr. a frequent participant, recently retired from Boeing enabling him to take a week or two away to explore various cultures.

For additional information or to sign on contact:  InConTra, Inc.

1 800 338 7673 or see

In Guatemala George’s Travel Club of Guatemala

For more info write:


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