Antigua Guatemala Food Guide Pork

We love Antigua Guatemala restaurants, which provide an array of menus featuring “tipico” Guatemalan fare as well as everything from fast food to Sushi and French fusion. For this reason we have put this Antigua Guatemala Restaurant Food Guide.

With each Antigua Guatemala Food Blog you get a recipe and a Restaurant Guide suggestion to go along with the Recipes.

First with the Restaurant Guide for Antigua Guatemala suggestion of the day.

Antigua Guatemala Food Guide
Antigua Guatemala Food Guide

Rincon Tipico – Best Tipico Restaurant  in Antigua Guatemala
We tried three times to get into the extremely popular lunch spot, Rincon Tipico in Antigua Guatemala. But the third time was the charm. Each day you will see smoke coming out the front door of this Popular local spot for Lunch. Lunch offerings at Rincon Tipico include Chicken, Pork, Beef or Sausage. Comes with a choice of two side dishes with a drink all for a total of 15Q per person. Not only a bargain a great meal comes along with the price and service.

Now for the Antigua Guatemala Food Guide Recipe – Baked Pork Ribs.

Cooking time 6 hours

Antigua Guatemala Pork Ribs
Antigua Guatemala Pork Ribs

This is a recipe that is true Guatemalan for Baked Pork Ribs.  Pork is of excellent quality in Guatemala, long and lean hogs make for the best long ribs for baking or BBQ.  At the Antigua Market, most days you will find butchers in the center of the Antigua Market that only sell pork.

That is where we started this morning to buy Pork Ribs for this Recipe.

In Guatemala butchers do not sell a rack of Pork Ribs, the Ribs are cut in 5 inch wide strips and sold that way for some reason. We took our Pork Ribs and cut them into pieces and placed them in a large baking pan.

We shopped hot peppers 6, red peppers 4, 1 large red onion, 1 large white onion, 6 cloves of garlic, half a small pineapple in rings.

With the Pork Ribs placed in the pan the ingredients are placed on top, with the pineapple rings last. This will create a seasoning effect as the ingredients on top the of the Pork Ribs slowly flavoring the meat during the slow cooking process.

I add one bottle of Marinero Juice to the pan of Pork Ribs, which I can only describe this product as the Guatemala version of V8 Juice only spicy. You can find this at any Tienda in Antigua. For final spices I add ground fresh Black Pepper from Sasson spices of Guatemala their Seasoned Meat Tenderizer.

The last Ingredient is a can of Guatemala’s finest Gallo Beer. I like using Gallo Beer when I cook as it has a soft flavor and works well with most meats as a means to create a stock which is needed to keep Pork Ribs tender during the baking process.

I cover the pan with all the ingredients and place it in a oven at 375 degrees and let this bake covered for 5 hours. Then I increase the oven temperature to 425 remove the cover from the ribs to let them brown for an hour. I take the ribs out and let them rest while I drain the stock from the pan and place the stock in a sauce pan and reduce over medium heat for 20 minutes.

I place the cooked Baked Pork Ribs on a platter and cover with the reduced stock. Serve with home made Frijoles from Parramos Guatemala.  Parramos is known by the locals for growing the best beans for making Frijoles in all of Guatemala. Home made fresh Tortilla and you have a great traditional spicy bake Pork Rib Recipe from Antigua Guatemala Food Guide Recipe.


What for the upcoming culinary event in Antigua Guatemala
Night of the Chefs, the most prestigious culinary event of the year organized by … 9 of the best restaurants in Antigua and one special guest from Guatemala City.


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