Guatemala Vacation Rental

The use of on-line reservation and booking web sites is part of how travelers from around the world find vacation accommodations. The choices of Vacation Rental Property sites are numerous from reputable sites such as TripAdvisor, Flipkey and many more on line sites offering services for travelers. A traveler can find accommodation in the form of a Vacation Rental Property ranging from Houses, Apartments, Rooms and Hostels.

As the owning a vacation rental property in Antigua Guatemala we are careful who and where we allow our property to be listed on-line. For the most part we use services such as TripAdvisor and FlipKey as they allow us to deal direct with the person seeking a vacation rental property. We feel as a property owner this allows us direct contact with the traveler to insure that the expectations are met before the travelers agrees to book our Antigua Guatemala Vacation Rental Property.

We have found over the years to avoid sites that require you to book and make a deposit through the booking company site prior to actually being able to make contact with the true owner of the Vacation Rental Property. Antigua Guatemala is a year around travel destination, through the on-line sites we use a traveler will make contact with us directly in order to discuss their needs. Often we have as many as 10 e-mails between the traveler and us before our property is booked.

Travelers on a budget often seek out a Hostel as the form of Vacation Rental that will fit their individual needs. Many sites exists around the world that start with Hostel and then the balance of the name is Booker or Booking or Club. These sites allow Hostel owner a form of on-line booker service that most Hostels cannot afford.

In Antigua Guatemala we have over 65 Hostel, all are reputable well ran facilities. Many of the Hostels use these on-line sites to book the Hostel with Travelers. You will also find many complaints posted on site like TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet complaining about the Hostel not the booking service. We know first hand that the problem starts with these Hostel Booking sites as they take the deposit which we have found they often do not return.

Advice about booking a Vacation Property, Rental, Home, Apartment or Hostel In Antigua Guatemala simple, contact the owner directly.


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