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The Mata Ortiz Map | Chihuahua, Mexico

The Mata Ortiz Map is easy to use listing over 200 potters and services by neighborhood and is sponsored by:

Mata Ortiz Map
Mata Ortiz Map


We are an independent publishing house and exhibition space with a focus on history, culture, art, and photography located in the village of Juan Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Somos una editorial independiente y centro de exhibición enfocado en proyectos relacionados con historia, cultura,   arte y fotografia ubicado en el pueblo de Juan Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, Mexico.


We are an organization devoted to promote Mata Ortiz Ceramics in Mexico and the world as a Contemporary Art form with Pre-Hispanic roots. Recognizing and respecting the diversity of the traditional and modern techniques as well as favoring experimentation and innovation.

Somos una organización dedicada a promover y difundir la cerámica de Mata Ortiz en México y en el mundo como un arte contemporáneo con raíces prehispánicas. Reconociendo  y respetando la diversidad de las técnicas tradicionales y modernas y favoreciendo la experimentación e innovación


For more information on Pottery from Mexico and the Map of Mata Ortiz, please go to:—the-map-of-mata-ortiz

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