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Mata Ortiz Potters

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MATA ORTIZ: The Art of Survival & The Survival of Art. Volume I (THE COLLECTORS EDITION) Large format 13 x 11, hard cover Image Wrap is beautifully printed on quality photo paper – if you collect Mata Ortiz pottery this is the edition to have.

It tells the story of internationally recognized ceramicists Graciela and Hector Gallegos from the arrival of their grandparents from China and California to the remote village of Mata Ortiz in the Mexican state of Chihuahua in the early part of the 1900′s to the present.

The 80 page volume recounts moments in the Industrial and Mexican Revolution, the Agrarian Reform Movement and the formation of a lucrative pottery tradition in the village is told through oral history and over 120 photographs with text in both English and Spanish.

This book is available in a 13×11 hard cover collector’s edition ($125) as well as a 10×8 soft cover edition ($45), link [] The profit from this book is donated to Project Cervantes, an early reading program for children in Mata Ortiz.

Ana Livingston Paddock grew up in La Antigua, Guatemala and Zamorano in rural Honduras and later was educated in the USA and Sweden where she studied ceramic design at Konstfack.

She has a Masters in Art and Education from Stanford University and currently divides her time between Guatemala and Mata Ortiz in Chihuahua, Mexico. Paddock is currently working on a series of photography and oral history account of her neighbors in Mata Ortiz.–graciela-hector-gallegos/Picture_1

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