Antigua Guatemala Best Tapas Restaurant Angie’s Café Arte

Angie’s Café Arte Restaurant in Antigua Guatemala is a great place for Tapas.   Though it’s got a full menu of international fare, mostly Italian and Argentine, we’ve gone back twice now, vowing to try something else from her tantalizing roster. But we wind up succumbing to the sorcery of her Spanish-tradition noshes.

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These small-plated wonders make a fabulous cocktail treat or a light lunch if you add a salad.  Angie’s also has a very good selection of New and Old World wines to suit every palette.

Service is excellent and provided in a lovely garden setting, punctuated with traditional Guatemalan appointments, displayed with whimsy and zest.  Angie’s tapas are quickly ordered and on a fast track for delivery to your table.

Here are Yolkobsens’ three favorite Angie’s Restaurant  Tapas.
Bombas Picantes:  Don’t miss out on this comfort food in a mini portion.  This is spiced ground beef and chorizo, winked with chili, chipolte, tomato and orange, wrapped in a blanket of mashed potatoes and then delicately deep-fried.  Need I say more?

Albogondigas a la diabla:  If you love spicy Italian meatballs, you’ll enjoy Angie’s virtuoso take on this old favorite.  Her meatballs are bathed in a rich salsa that is borderline fiery and sweet at the same time.  For those of you who like really picante food, you can add hotter salsa to bring it up to the hellish temperature you require.  For me, the spicy bite is perfect as is.

Camerones al ajillo: These are tenderly cooked shrimp doing a star turn in a constellation of olive oil, garlic and a salsa of white wine and lime.  The treatment of the shrimp allows their flavor to mingle with the salsa in a way that will have you dipping their very good bread into the sauce once all the shrimp has been gobbled.

Like all Tapas offerings, and for that matter, dim sum, the price is always a bit more than what one would anticipate.  However, Angie’s bill for two, featuring a Tapas cocktail spread and one glass of wine, is about half of what you would pay for similar food and drink in a Toronto or Chicago restaurant.

Angie’s Café Arte Restaurant is located at 1a Avenida Sur # 11A in Antigua Guatemala.

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