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Mother’s Day is celebrated in Antigua Guatemala

Mother’s Day in Antigua Guatemala

Mother’s Day is celebrated in Antigua Guatemala and the rest of the country on May 10.  So Yolkobsens would like to wish all:  Feliz Dia de la Madre.

Spotted today around town and in the bus terminal were shuttle vans and chicken buses with their windshields lettered with exactly that tribute to the lady we know as mom or in this instance, mama.

Like all holidays and demarcations, the Antiguenos have a special take on this celebration.  Today, hundreds of people are walking through the streets carrying flowers intended for the sweet matriarchs of their families.

The American style super market is selling single sunflowers for a good local cause.  The traditional market, which normally has an extravagant abundance of blooms, is ringed with extra vats of roses and babies breath.  Everywhere Antiguenos are toting floral arrangements of all varieties, from single but perfect buds to elaborate and ribboned bouquets.

Yesterday, the streets were thrumming with school children, each with a handmade gift to present to mama today.  Dotted in among the loot-bearing kids were people of  all descriptions cradling cellophane-wrapped cup and saucer sets of Victorian influence.  I even saw a cellophane double boiler on a cardboard platform carefully balanced on the head of one schoolgirl.

Though they may be mothers themselves, grown daughters have been preparing food for days to take to mama’s house for the festivities today, or in some instances, deferred until the usual Sunday family day.

In any case, Mother’s Day is an event taken very seriously here.  And like their North American counterpart, to be celebrated Mat 13 this year, it’s a boon time for florists, second only to St. Valentines Day.  More of this in February.

Meanwhile, since this is my blog, I can say to mine, affectionately known in our family as The Gretenator:  Hi mom! Have a good one!

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