Antigua Guatemala Honduras Road Trip Part Two

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Safely in Honduras Lee and I found a great little hotel in the central part of Puerto Cortez Honduras. Puerto Cortez is another sea port much like Puerto Barrios Guatemala. Much of Puerto Cortez has a Caribbean beach and coast line to enjoy with many new hotels along the way.

Downtown Puerto Cortez has a huge central park. Not like Guatemala with churches more so a great park full of people. Within the area of the Park you will find new fast food restaurants, Pizza Hut, Burger King and Wendy’s. A few block from the central park is a super grocery store. I mean three stories great with huge selections cheap.

Lee and I were tired from the days traveling and settled for food from the large market that is in the central part of Puerto Cortez. Not like the market in Antigua this market has stalls and shops like Antigua’s market slightly up scale in comparison.

Somehow both of us forgot our cell phone cords for charging our phones off we went o a hunt. If you have Tigo cell phones from Guatemala you can buy a new chip and you have cell phone service in Honduras. Pretty simple. The cell phone cord seamed to be a problem. Lee ended up talking with the security guard in front of Pizza Hut. Nice man. He ran off for a second and came back with a cord we could use. Okay we plugged the cord into the outside power of Pizza Hut. The guard told us he would watch our phone and off we went wondering around.  Yes you are thinking Honduras and a cell phone. We returned to find our cell phone in tact and an offer to buy the cord for a very reasonable amount from the guard. Deal done.

The next morning we headed out of Puerto Cortez for San Pedro Sula another city in Honduras that gets bad press from the International Media. The road to Puerto Cortez is an excellent well maintained 4 lane hwy. reaching San Pedro Sula which is the hub of free trade in Honduras you notice all the free trade zones just before you enter the heart of San Pedro Sula. We managed to get a little turned around in our attempt to find the road out of San Pedro Sula to Copan Ruins. We asked a few people as we sat in traffic and like asking for directions in Antigua Guatemala a few attempts were made for the right direction. Every person we talked with were kind and most spoke english.

Finally on the road to Copan we marveled at the beauty of the region. A two lane hwy winding through the highlands of Honduras. 3 hours later we hit Copan. We decided to take a tour of the ruins which I highly suggest. The museum inside the ruins offers a view of what is below the excavated site.

We continued on from Copan as we wanted to cross back into Guatemala before night fall. We were not sure if the border closed at night and we wanted to get an early start in the morning to get back to Antigua Guatemala. The Honduran boarder crossing was jammed with tractor trailers we were guided to the front of the line. Met by a Honduran boarder guard. He looked in the window asked our destination and waived us on to the Guatemala Boarder crossing which is only a few hundred feet. Out of the truck passports in hand 20Q each and we are back in Guatemala.

We drove to Zacapa that night the famed home of the pride of Guatemala Zacapa Rum. Which by the way we found cheaper to buy Zacapa Rum in Honduras then in Zacapa Guatemala, go figure. Zacapa is not a tourist destination by any means. We found a great hotel, with air, cable and hot water all for 120Q each per night.

We are starving by then and I had been suffering from Guatemala belly. A few doors down from the Hotel we found an upstairs sports bar. The food was great and they had cold draft beer in frosted mugs. Huge portions of food and great service came along with the meal.

A good nights sleep and we headed home to Antigua which took about 4 hours.

The result of this road trip is Honduras is safe. The people of Honduras are kind and generous people.

Take a trip I think you will enjoy it.


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