Leaving Guatemala For Honduras Road Trip

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I lived in Honduras for many years and can honestly state that the media is wrong about Honduras. To prove that point a Road Trip to Honduras was in order. A great friend Lee from Kayak Guatemala decided to join me on this road trip which started from Antigua Guatemala at 5 in the morning to beat the traffic in Guatemala City to get to the main Hwy heading to Puerto Barrios Guatemala. We did beat the traffic in Guate City and made it to Puerto Barrios in about 6 hours taking CA9.

Lee had never been to Puerto Barrios which a port town with terminals for Cargo ships and a separate Port for the Fruit Giants, the like of Dole for example. We decided to take a side trip and headed to Livingston Guatemala. In oder to reach Livingston one must take a 25 minute boat ride along the Caribbean in order to reach Livingston.

Lee and I spent the night in Livingston another port of call Lee from Kayaks had never experienced. I love Livingston Guatemala this sleepy little town made up mostly of Garifuna. Today the Garifuna live primarily in Central America. They live along the Caribbean Coast in Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras including the mainland, and on the island of Roatán.

Upon our arrival to Livingston I looked for many old friends. First stop check in at the Hotel Rio Tropicales.  We really love Livingston for a lot of reasons, not least of which is this fun, clean, affordable and hospitable hotel. I had not been to Livingston in over a year and walking in Hotel Rio Tropicales was like coming home after a long journey. This is a family owned business and now Roberto the owner has three college educated daughters driving the poor Roberto in sane as the daughter now want to update the hotel. Same room as last time and lovely Blonka to great you.

Lee and I walked around Livingston saw old friends and found my favorite drink of the Garifuna. Another local specialty, Guifiti, is not to be missed and it’s worth spending several weeks testing and retesting each bar and restaurant’s version of this potent rum drink.  Well, we did that for sure. Claudia makes the best Garifuna we purchased a few bottles to take back to Antigua Guatemala at the end of the trip.

A great diner Rio Tropicales restaurant, a good nights sleep and we headed out the next morning for Puerto Cortez Honduras. If anyone looks on Google Maps for directions you will make a mistake and think one has to go all the way to Copan Ruins to enter Honduras.

We took the route that does not exist on any maps which is just outside of Puerto Barrios is a road that takes one into Honduras below Cuyamel Honduras. Which cut at least 12 hours off our trip to enter northern Honduras.

Lee and I reached the boarder crossing which is simple. Do not listen to the media leaving Guatemala you reach a small building on the site of the road and you get an exist stamp to leave Guatemala no cost. Then you reach as the pictures show a large immigration complex. Nothing to it 20Q you get your stamp and you are into Honduras without any aggravation at all.

Traveling on excellent roads Lee and I reached Puerto Cortes in less then three hours.

More on part two of the Honduras Road Trip.


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