Guatemala Travel

As I’ve said many times before, there is no better place to Travel to then Guatemala for Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Antigua Guatemala. One big reason why this is true is because you cannot step more than a few feet during this time without seeing a spectacular Alfombra, which are amazing street Carpets made of flowers and colored sawdust as part of the Lent and Holy Week in Guatemala.

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Most tourists are relegated to only viewing Guatemala’s beautiful Alfombras while they Travel to Guatemala, which begin adorning the cobble-stoned streets of Antigua Guatemala during the High Travel season to Guatemala which starts on Ash Wednesday. Next year, however, make your Travel plans to Guatemala and have the most unique opportunity offered Travelers to Guatemala of actually build a Semana Santa Alfrombra in Antigua Guatemala!

When planning Travel to Guatemala Georges Guatemala Travel Club announcing the creation of the 2013 Travel to Guatemala Semana Santa Alfombra Workshops – a-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually build an alfombra and thus “participate” instead of just “spectate”.

The “genesis” for these workshops came from having guests/clients to my Antigua Guatemala home during Semana Santa (for 2 years in a row now) to build Semana Santa Alfombras – an experience that has absolutely delighted everyone lucky enough to participate.

This past year, a lovely Canadian couple traveled to Guatemala in a 24 hours straight so that they could have the chance to build an Alfombra in front of my house in Antigua Guatemala… they are still blogging about the experience!

“What an amazing, and utterly unforgettable time we had with George as part of our Travel adventure to Guatemala” this couple wrote me later, “we LOVED having this opportunity to actually build an alfombra.

You MUST give this opportunity to ALL your guests – they will never forget it!”


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