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Let Me Plan Your Guatemala Beach Vacation

Getting home from Monterrico
Getting home from Monterrico

Travel to Guatemala can be confusing for the first time visitor. Yes many web sites exist on line talking about Travel options to Guatemala. That is it, they are talking about options, canned tours and transfers between other travel partners. I see this event unfold daily at Park Central in my home Town Antigua Guatemala. I am an explorer and I detest the idea of walking though the Colonial City of Antigua with a plastic card hanging from my neck that clearly marks me as a tourist. Well I am not a tourist I liver in Antigua.

The point of this article is to talk about and to offer travelers to Guatemala options based on my real life adventures throughout Guatemala. No canned Tours in this article I can assure you of that. Antigua Guatemala and Lake Atitlan I have covered and made suggestions in previous articles.

Today I am covering the Beaches of Guatemala which consists of a Region of the Pacific Coast of Guatemala called Monterrico and Livingston Guatemala on the Caribbean Coast of Guatemala. Both areas or regions receive little on-line information that a Traveler may find of help in making there Guatemala Travel Plans. This article is about Monterrico I will get to Livingston in my next post.

Monterrico is the name of a town in Guatemala that is on the southern Pacific Coast of Guatemala. From Antigua Guatemala or the Guatemala International Airport Travelers can reach this region in about an hour and a half. From what is called the Port of San Jose a vacationer can travel down a paved two lane road to Monterrico. Along this route you will pass small resorts right on the Beach I stopped into each one.

This is the most modest of the three.  Accommodation is primarily in the bungalow style, with small kitchen in each.  This resort favors a white-washed style, leaning towards a Mediterranean flavor.  The bungalows are immaculately clean, if a little Spartan. The beach is spectacular, grounds are well tended and there’s a lovely swimming pool bar set up.
To contact El Pantanal by phone:  502 5205-0929 or 502 5895-2672.

By email:

Cayman Suites
Cayman Suites is located at the South Pacific coast of Guatemala, Km. 10.5 of Monterrico. Cayman Suites is a new hotel constructed in front of the beach and designed with all the comfort and amenities you need to relax in the most exclusive area of the pacific coast.  Our excellent service and spacious accommodations will give you and your family an unforgettable experience..

The hotel has an ecological reserve where you can find caimans, turtles and fish together in a pond in a safe area, kids will enjoy it.

The hotel has a play ground specially designed for children, where the can play.

Rent of electronic games is available in rooms

Live music on weekends and special holidays
El Galeón Bar, located in front of the beach, with air conditioning, offers a great variety of drinks and snacks. The restaurant serves excellent food with a variety of national and international menus.
Utz Tzaba Beach Hotel
“Utz Tzava,” means beautiful beach in one of the Maya languages.  And the beach is absolutely beautiful.  Creamy yellow bungalows and a few hotel-style rooms look out onto the Pacific.  There is a true tranquility here during the week and the pool is sized generously enough to provide space for a few athletic laps.
To contact Utz Tzaba Beach Hotel by phone:  502 5318-9452 or 502 7848-1479.

By email:

Dos Mundos Pacific Resort
Palms and hammocks accent the beautifully appointed grounds of this hotel very near Monterrico (Guatemala).  Dos Mundos distinguishes itself with a planked boardwalk-style patio around the one of its two pools.  There’s a children’s play area and this hotel enjoys a good reputation for its seafood meals.
To contact Dos Mundos Pacific Resort by phone:  502 7823-0820 or 502 7848-1771 or 502 7848-1407.

By email:


A few suggestions the beaches are stunning black sand with NO PEOPLE NONE. The first time I stepped foot onto the beaches of Guatemala shock took me over coming from California and the crowded beaches not the case here in Guatemala WOW.

If this is your first time to Guatemala and to the Beaches of Guatemala you will need to rent a car. Weekends Guatemala City empties out and the beach loving folks of Guatemala head to Monterrico and this means rooms are hard to come by on Weekends. Plan ahead.

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