Our Antigua Guatemala Vacation

Planning Your Antigua Guatemala Vacation

Antigua Guatemala offers Vacation Travelers a number of Vacation options not found any other place in the world. Guatemala is vast with interesting and diverse vacation destination, Beach areas Monterrico and Livingston Guatemala, Lake Atitlan and Tikal Mayan Ruins. Once a year Antigua Guatemala is the showcase for an amazing series of Religious events that start with Ash Wednesday and follows through to Easter holly week celebrations know as or Semana Santa.

During the 6 weeks of Lent leading up to Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala each Sunday during Lent religious processions criss cross the streets of Antigua as Churches in Antigua Guatemala and area carry Large Wooden Floats one could call them through the streets of Antigua with floral carpets placed on the roadways before the processions.

Travelers come to Antigua during this period of time to participate in these events. For most Travelers who are not familiar with this period in Antigua they are for the most part only spectators. Each Sunday during Lent carpets made of floral pieces are designed by Locals with amazing artists skills These carpets are called Alfombras. Artists spend some times 8 hours with many volunteers to prepare and decorate these carpets only to be walked over and then swept up after the procession has past.

George of George’s Guatemala Travel Club each year builds an Alfrombra in front of his home in Antigua Guatemala. george lives in one of the oldest barrios in Antigua Guatemala. Close to the famed San Francisco Church. Last year near the last week of lent I had guests stay at our Vacation Property in Antigua. Upon there arrival we invited our guest to help build an Alfrombra at Georges house. This was an amazing time for all. Then one of the largest Ondas came through Georges small neighborhood. Almost touching the walls of Georges house to make a turn. Our Guests a Canadian Couple from British Columbia simply stated “I cannot image how you can top this”.

Being in the travel business sadly we all become jaded by these events to us Lent is another time in our life to appreciate our love for Guatemala and for Antigua. Through out Central America Semana Santa is celebrated in each of the Central American Countries.

After this event with our Guests George I discussed the idea of offering Workshops and Tours for Travelers to Guatemala during Lent and Holy Week to be able to participate in building Carpets, not being a spectator, become a participant what a great idea. The building of an Alfrombra is a once in a Life time opportunity for Travelers considering Antigua Guatemala for a winter Vacation.

Travelers interested in this adventure experience in Guatemala can find out more by simply using google and typing Guatemala Travel Packages to find George. Along with Tours George operates one of the top complete Travel Service Organization in all of Guatemala.

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