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Planning A Guatemala Vacation Part 1

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Guatemala is a country that offers many diverse experiences a traveler can think of. The point of this blog is to educate and offer travelers considering Guatemala as a Travel Destination suggestions based on our life living in Guatemala. Which are the best Tour companies, B&B’s, Food and how to get around like Lake Atitlan with the boats.

Over the years many of my friends living in the US, Canada and Europe have asked me about safety in Guatemala? Non issue. The reports on-line may depict a different Guatemala consider the sources? Web sites looking for traffic make more of an event then the truth would be.  I can tell you from guests that have staying at my vacation rental property that safety in Antigua Guatemala and the rest of the Country is not an issue for travelers.

Having the top rated vacation rental property on Trip Advisor Antigua Guatemala Best Property Trip Advisor may tell the true story about how my guests found their vacation experience in Guatemala. Antigua Guatemala is the travel destination most Travelers start there vacation plans for all of Guatemala. Antigua is Located only an hour and a half from Guatemala City International Airport. For this reason Antigua is the travel hub from which most travelers begin there Guatemala Vacation.

Antigua Guatemala has transformed over the last ten years into the Tourism hopping off point from which vacationers begin the Guatemala Adventure. Today in Antigua an over supply of Tour Operators, Hotels, Hostels, bars and Restaurants exist. This is typical of all new and growing travel destinations. When a place come shot as Antigua has everyone wants a piece of the revenue. Travelers considering Guatemala use the Internet to help make the decisions related to there travel plans. While most business services related to Travel in Antigua Guatemala have web sites do not expect a fast response to your injuries in some case you will not get an answer at all.

Be patient I like to use and recommend business owners like George Sansoucy of Guatemala Travel Packages and Georges Guatemala Travel Club. George is from NY City came to Antigua like many have before him to escape that rat race life style people often finally tire of. George has built a first class travel organization.

Once my guests have settled in at my Rental Home we start talking about places we suggest they consider other then Antigua. While I love Antigua after a few days I find most guests seek more. I always suggest Lake Atitlan which is the most amazing place to visit and experience. I lived on the lake for 7 months and can tell everyone just go Lake Atitlan is far to complicated to offer a true review.

The lake has a spattering of tourism starting in Pana as it is called. Panajachel Guatemala is two hours drive from Antigua and is the main entrance to Lake atitlan. From Pana the main form of Transportation around Lake Atitlan is by boat. You will find the boat service in Lake Atitlan operates like a well oiled machine, schedules are kept not matter the weather. Licensed captains navigate these small boats around Lake Atitlan with amazing precision, reaching small docks and villages scattered around  Lake Atitlan which is located in the Guatemala High Lands.

I have friends at Lake Atitlan an American Lee Beale Lee and his wife Elaine came to Guatemala 6 years ago. Purchased a pieces of Lake Shore property on Lake Atitlan below the Mayan Village of Santa Cruz. From this beginning Lee and Elaine have built one of the most respected travel and tour operation in all of Lake Atitlan. 108 reviews on  Trip Advisor tells part of the story. I feel Lee and Elaine succeeded by adopting the Mayan Culture and with respect are now able to offer Travelers to Guatemala a complete experience of Lake Atitlan that most vacationer never see. You can find more information about Lee and Elaine and Lake Atitlan Guatemala at

My next article to follow this one will cover the Pacific Coast region of Guatemala Monterrico and the Travel Options one will find. In the next Article I will also cover Livingston Guatemala a place I hold close to my heart. The time I have spent in Livingston is special to me.

Enjoy my view of Guatemala as a Travel Destination.

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