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Planning Your Guatemala Beach Vacation

Planning Your Guatemala Beach Vacation

The point of this article is to talk about and to offer travelers to Guatemala options based on my real life adventures throughout Guatemala. No canned Tours in this article I can assure you of that. Antigua Guatemala and Lake Atitlan I have covered and made suggestions in previous articles.

Today this article explores one of favorite regions of Guatemala the Rio Dulce and in particular Livingston Guatemala. I lived in Livingston for three months and fell madly in Love with the people of Livingston.

For those not familiar with Livingston Guatemala this little piece of Guatemala is worth a stop. Livingston Guatemala is in fact and Island only accessible by Boat from Rio Dulce or from Puerto Barrios Guatemala. From Rio Dulce the boat trip takes a few hours across the largest lake in Guatemala. From Puerto Barrios the ride is 30 minutes along the Caribbean coast line.

Livingston is a Garifuna Village flanked by the Rio Dulce river on one side and the Caribbean on the other side of this little Island. The town of Livingston Guatemala’s history is based on the Garifuna Culture.

One of the most interesting features of Livingston is that in this small corner ofGuatemala different ethnic groups live in harmony: The Garifuna who arrived in 1802 from the island of Roatan, Honduras.

The  Garifuna People of Livingston make Livingston what Livingston is all about, Laid back with amazing food and drink from many local shops. Livingston is not a high end resort town. Rather Livingston has a sampling of small Hotels, Hostels and Guest houses. One large resort existing in Livingston Hotel Villa Caribe is surrounded by lush vegetation inhabited by a great variety of birds …

My Hotel choice has always been the family owned business Hotel Rios Tropicales – Hotel. This is a nice smart choice for the money, offering clean well-appointed and well-decorated rooms around a pleasant if a little cluttered courtyard. Bathrooms are tiled and clean and there is a good communal area to relax in. It is not on the water, but just a two minute walk uphill from the dock and its owners are helpful as long as you speak good Spanish.

Once checked in head to the Caribbean side of Livingston from which you will find the walk of ten minutes a step into the Garifuna Culture. Upon the end of your walk you will be presented with an amazing Caribbean coast line. Dotted with many small bars, restaurants as you walk along the beach. These are local hand outs and you will not see a Neon sign along this walk. You will be welcomed into these little places and for the one with adventure you might even partake of Gifiti a local drink made of rum and special herbs. The rum is aged for about 6 weeks in the bottle and then served as either shots, pints of full bottles. Each family in Livingston have there own recipe for Gifiti. Try it.

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