Angela Livingston Guatemala Her Love Story

Livingston Guatemala A Love Story

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Livingston Guatemala is one of those special places in the world that if you just stop for 10 seconds and look you see the heart of Livingston.  A small Garifuna village on the Caribbean coast of Guatemala. Paradise unfound by most, a place passed by the bustling Tourism Industry of Guatemala. Cruise ships come once a week during the season, those from the Ships only stare at the Garifuna culture and take pictures rather then to explore the Paradise before them.

In a past life Livingston was a safe haven for me, an escape the world around me. The kind and generous people of Livingston took me and I them. We grew close, trusted, engaged. My days encompassed helping a small family owned Hotel in Livingston develop a web site and on-line business around this Hotel. Days where spent sitting in this Hotels small court yard, bent over a small laptop.

In the evening I would site at the Garifuna Center one of the highest land points in Livingston. From this perch I looked down the Rio Dulce River on one side and then look to my left I could see the Waves of the Caribbean crashing to shore. I was in Love, yet alone, my love was apart from me. I would dream. The view and the calm evening breezes allowed my mind to wonder into a dream state.

I left Livingston without finishing what I started or that was my memory I have kept in my heart about the people of Livingston.

Years have now past since that time and place in my life. My first trip back to Livingston had many emotions dragging at my heart as I arrived at the Pier in Livingston. Unsure about how I would be received was the demon living inside me. This time I was back for good. As I climbed the hill to the entrance to town I walked into the Hotel that years before I had lived. I felt like I was the lost son that had returned home. I felt like I had left only the week before. The room I always laid my head was ready for me, as always.

Most of that first day back I spent seeing people that had changed my life years before. Yes they would tell me, I remember you with love in there voices and arms out stretched for a hug and a kiss. After this day I still did not find my best friend. Thought for sure with his life he was gone. A street dog that had decided I was his friend, silly yet important to me.

That evening was a time for me to head to that place in Livingston from which you can see everything. The view had not changed, the River and the Caribbean offered up a time for me about my dreams of the past which quickly filled my mind, I had an idea I went to find her. Yes her, a woman that I often dreamed about Angela. A heroine in my dream.

Angela was easy to find, she worked at a Hotel cleaning rooms by day and in the evening working in a restaurant in Livingston. She looked as I had left her years before. Breath taking beauty that only other saw never her. Her excitement to see me was not about any intimate past. Angela and I talked about our past time together.  Men only dream about woman like this, not a fantasy a dream.

I left Livingston and asked an amazing woman to write about Angela on-line so that my dream for Angela and her story could be told with only one home for her. Now to understand my dream for Angela over the next weeks my dear friend has written Angela’s story to be placed on line for only one purpose to fulfill my dream for Angela. It is in fact a dream I desire for all woman.

Hope you enjoy the dream.

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