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Hotel Leddie Livingston Guatemala

Hotel Leddie in Livingston Guatemala

livingston guatemala huts
livingston guatemala huts

In telling Angela’s Love Story and her life in Livingston Guatemala Hotel Leddie in Livingston is one of the main characters. A place that for years Angela has toiled cleaning rooms in the Hotel. Hotel Leddie could be considered the main character from which other characters gravitate as Angela’s life and love story unfolds.

Livingston Guatemala abounds with many Hotels and Hostels affording travelers options on the type and budget they have for what can be considered Discounted Hotel Prices compared to many other Central American Countries. Angela has only worked at one Hotel Leddie in Livingston Guatemala since her youth.

As guests register at Hotel Leddie this Landmark Hotel in Livingston appears to offer all the amenities, WiFI, Breakfast included, hot showers are posted at the entrance of this Livingston Landmark. Family owned for almost a decade Hotel Leddie does have a few mysteries of its own that are served up to the Guests.

For example The Suicide Shower as I have coined it from my past time at the Hotel and is not unique to Hotel Leddie in Livingston Guatemala. How best to describe this shower situation at Hotel Leddie is to also talk about how hot water is made at the Hotel and a few other factors. Livingston from time to time has water shortage and power outages. Common through out all of Guatemala not just Livingston.

In order to deal with these issues and to manage water and power one of the owners of Hotel Leddie has a few tricks she pulls on Guests? Hotels in Livingston have three choices about how they have hot Water. First is Hotels in Livingston that have a real Hot  Water Heater rare a few have them. The second choice is a device that is connected to the shower head in the bathroom. The thirds choice is a Hotel in Livingston that has no hot water. The second is the focus in this rant about Hotels in Livingston.

Each Hotel Room at Hotel Leddie has a device attached to the shower head in the room. Turn on the water it runs through this device which is a heater and Wala hot water well that how it is supposed to work. At Hotel Leddie if you by accident one grabs said shower water heating device you may get a shock. You know your feet in water and touching an electrical device. Or in the case of power management one of the owners of Hotel Leddie will turn off the power to said shower device. Which results in The Suicide Shower as we have decided to call it.

No Matter Livingston Guatemala is a Warm Caribbean Island perhaps a cold shower would be refreshing coming out of a 100 degree outside temperature. While we have talked about the shower, water and power issues I assume the next question would be about Air Conditioning? You will have to wait for the next installment about Angela and her Love Story in Livingston Guatemala.

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