Lake Atitlan Guatemala Top Vacation Rental

Located on the north shore of Lake Atitlan Guatemala in the western highlands of Guatemala. This lake owes its breathtaking beauty to a cataclysmic volcanic convulsion 84,000 years ago which formed this “caldera” lake whose southern side is now guarded by three imposing volcanoes – Atitlan, Toliman, and San Pedro.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala is also one of the deepest lakes in the world. At over 1,000 feet, its most profound depths have never been sounded, giving Lake Atitlan its unique cobalt-blue/green color and adding to the lake’s mysterious beauty.

Not surprisingly, Lake Atitlan Guatemala is considered to be a sacred site in Maya mythology. BRAVE NEW WORLD author, Aldous Huxley, compared Lake Atitlan to Lake Como, describing it as “Como with the additional embellishment of immense volcanoes. It really is too much of a good thing”, he said in his travel book , BEYOND THE MEXIQUE BAY.

The site for Club Ven Aca, between Santa Cruz la Laguna Guatemala and el Jaibalito, was chosen for its spectacular views of our 3 volcanoes. Only from our unique vantage point, can one see the twin peaks of the volcano Atitlan, with the volcano Toliman behind them and flanked on the west by the volcano of San Pedro. The Cerro de Oro, another volcanic formation, emerges from the skirts of Atitlan volcano in the foreground. This is a panorama that is unparalleled on the planet. Breathtaking!


First get to Panajachel. This is the biggest village on the lake and a hub of commercial activity. Panajachel is also the main departure/arrival terminal for tours, buses, land taxis, and water taxis. There is a well-organized and reliable boat-taxi system with boats leaving to the Jaibalito area about every ½ hour. Go to the Tzanjuyu public dock. Here, one can hire a private boat or get on the “colectivo”, the public water taxi. Tell your captain or his assistant that you want to go to Club Ven Aca in el Jaibalito. If you’ve hired a private boat, the boat ride will take about 20 minutes. This is a sweet ride with awesome scenery and views all along the way. If you’re on the “colectivo”, the boat will stop along the way, picking up and dropping off passengers.

Riding the “colectivo” is always a folkloric experience. Your captain will bring you to our dock. Club Ven Aca is in a “car-free” area of Lake Atitlan and can be reached only by boat. As you approach the Club Ven Aca complex by boat, our dock reaches out to you. The project consists of several terraces, contained by rock walls, ascending from the lake – Arrival Terrace, Fountain Terrace, Pool and Restaurant Terrace, Private Entertainment Terrace, and the houses are at the top of the complex.



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