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Aged Meat comes to Antigua Guatemala

International cuisine can be enjoyed in first-class hotels and Antigua Guatemala restaurants. Finding Guatemala Beef that is as tender that found in Antigua Guatemala restaurants is not that easy.

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Antigua Guatemala has such a cornucopia of dining establishments that you need not worry about going hungry.  In fact, while some places are better than others, I do not recall ever having a bad meal while dining in this lovely Spanish colonial town.

Guatemala Meat found at most markets in Guatemala can be best described at hard to chew. Cattle in Guatemala are mostly Grass Fed which is not an issue. In the US for example, Grass Fed Beef is prized drawing higher prices in most markets.

Not the case for Meat in Guatemala. Guatemala Beef is not the same story. While the quality of Guatemala meat is excellent the lack of correct processing of the cattle results in beef that has a gamy flavor much like deer or venison. The fact that what is called the silver skin which is found in Venison is not removed from Guatemala Beef when they are killed and processed for eating. This results in meat that is tough.

An enterprising group in Guatemala has studied this problem for some time. Reaching out to the US for advise not the idea of importing beef or processed meats from the US which was not the option. The question how to take Guatemala beef and to age the meat to reach the standards the US has achieved was the goal?

The answer came from the State of Wisconsin of all places. A small company in Wisconsin with third generation butchers in the family gave this enterprising Guatemala Group the answer to the problem of tough meat in Guatemala. Age the beef either dry or wet.

Beef aging is the process of preparing beef for consumption, mainly by breaking down the connective tissue. Two options are available.
Dry-aged beef is beef that has been hung to dry for several weeks. After the animal is slaughtered and cleaned, either an entire half will be hung, or prime cuts (large distinct sections) will be placed in a cooler fridge, also known as a “hot box”.

Wet-aged beef is beef that has typically been aged in a vacuum-sealed bag to retain its moisture. This is the dominant mode of aging beef in the United States today. Wet-aging is popular because it takes less time (typically only a few days) and none of the weight is lost in the process. In contrast, dry-aging can take 15–28 days, and will see up to a third or more of the weight lost as moisture.

Both processes have been tested by this group with amazing results of Restaurant grade Taste and Flavor with mouth watering Tenderness out of plain Guatemala Beef.

Now this group plans to start offering aged beef in Antigua Guatemala and Lake Atitlan by mid September of 2012.

The group will offer a wholesale side for Restaurants in Antigua Guatemala and Lake Atitlan.

For the local Gringo’s that have chewed there way through Guatemala Beef yes they will have a chance for of all things home deliver. Working with DegustaExpress Shop anyone can order Steaks like one would find in the US at a fraction of the price of Imported US beef.

Where’s the BEEF Guatemala? Aged Meat comes to Antigua

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