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The Guatemala Wood Stove Project | Based in San Antonio Aguas Calientes

Our Guatemala Wood Stove project is based in San Antonio Aguas Calientes Guatemala. This is a small village outside of Antigua Guatemala. The village can be reached by Chicken Bus from the Market in Antigua in about 20 minutes. For those expecting and amazing state of the art wood stove building shop well our wood stove shop in San Antonio Aguas Calientes is very functional.

guatemala wood stove design guatemala wood stove shop open fire rocket sotve opening rocket stove open 513px-Rocket_stove

Jeronimo pictured in the shots of our first Rocket Stove design of our own has ten children and a house with the most amazing views of the valley and Volcano’s surrounding San Antonio Aguas Calientes. Most famous for weaving we hope this project with also make San Antonio Aguas Calientes famous for building Guatemalan Wood Burning stoves that are health friendly and good for the environment. Smoke is a problem with most stoves, high usage of wood fuel is another and the need to cut and buy wood each days places a huge strain on the Guatemala environment. Our stoves pass the test with using 50% less wood.

Come to San Antonio and ask in the main church square about our project you will soon find yourself surrounded with interesting people with ideas about how to build the Perfect Guatemalan Wood Burning Stoves.

San Antonio Aguas Calientes is a municipality in the Guatemalan department of Sacatepéquez.

This town is known for its weavers. Mayan women in the area use a backstrap loom to weave traditional patterns. There is a two story market on the square that sells weavings and other crafts. Several of the women have their looms set up and will demonstrate their skills. There are a couple other stores outside of town that also sell weavings. It is about a 30 minute taxi ride from Antigua but one has to retain the taxi for the return trip also since there are usually no taxis in this little town.


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